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[Trans] 131117 Kim Jaejoong Successfully Holds A Large-Scale Concert In Yokohama, “His Popularity Is Amazing”

Kim Jaejoong met with a total of 60,000 fans in Yokohama, Japan.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong met with a total of 60,000 fans at the Yokohama Stadium on the 15th of 16th of November. The concert was run by 1,000 staff members with a stage that was 100m long and 15m high. Kim Jaejoong sang alongside a six-man band and 14-man orchestra to create the perfect live performance for his fans.”

Kim Jaejoong kicked off the concert with the song ’9+1#’, and continued to sing ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Rotten Love’, his sexy rock star persona getting the audience driven up in a frenzy. Kim Jaejoong showcased his various talents by singing both ballads and upbeat rock songs.

The singer stepped onto a moving stage during ‘Luvholic’ and roamed the stadium, waving to fans and talking to them in fluent Japanese between songs. He performed a total of five Japanese songs, including ‘Saigo No Ame’ and ‘Konayuki’, and the Japanese fans silently listened to his voice fill the stadium. Once the concert was over, all 30,000 fans came together to shout for an encore.

Kim Jaejoong stated, “This is my first performance in Japan since releasing my first full-length album, and I’m so grateful that so many people came to see me. I’m happiest when I stand on stage and perform for you all. Thank you for having fun and enjoying the concert, despite the cold weather. Time flew these past two days. I’ll continue to repay your love with great concerts in the future.”

A concert representative stated, “It’s extremely meaningful that a Korean solo singer was able to rent out the Yokohama Stadium, which is famous for being hard to get, for a concert. No one can beat Kim Jaejoong’s popularity in Japan, and his ability to sell out a stadium-sized concert as a solo singer is amazing. The fact that a solo singer was able to sell out a 30,000-seated concert in an outdoor venue, despite the cold Winter weather, is leaving Japanese industry representatives amazed and baffled.”

Kim Jaejoong will continue his Asia tour in Taiwan on the 23rd of November.

Source: [sports chosun]
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