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[Trans] 140117 Post Of Official Cassiopeia Notices

These are translations of text messages sent to official 3rd generation members of TVXQ!’s fanclub Cassiopeia, who have their phone numbers registered with SM Entertainment. A time and date will be included with each update to indicate when the text message was sent.

(8:06am KST) To 3rd generation Cassiopeia members

Hello 🙂
This is the staff of TVXQ!

Yesterday! The handsome and amazing two members of TVXQ won first place on Mnet’s M! Countdown. ㅠ_ㅠ

It was all thanks to the fervent support you gave them… so!! We’re sending you a photo of TVXQ that wasn’t released in the latest Staff Diary update, so please continue to give TVXQ you support and participate in the music program recordings~!

The temperature has dropped these days, so please make sure you don’t catch a cold~ We hope you have a great day today with TVXQ at your side~!! ^-^

STAFF DIARY – (translation to come soon)

Something M/V –

Source: [Official Cassiopeia Membership]
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  1. The Best Fanclub Ever
    Im So Proud Being Cassiopeia

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