Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 21, 2014

[News] 141020 GOT7 talk about receiving encouragement and support from TVXQ’s Yunho

New JYP group GOT7 talked about receiving encouragement and support from TVXQ’s Yunho!

They said, “We were on standby for Mnet‘s ‘M!  Countdown‘ stage when Yunho sunbae came to us . . . Yunho sunbae told us that he was watching us well and all we needed to do now was to have fun on stage.  He encouraged us, saying he would let us know if he thought of more good things to say.”

The boys said, “We were grateful even when our label mate sunbaes showed us support, but we were so surprised when Yunho sunbae showed us support . . . It was really unexpected.  We were really grateful and touched.“Congratulations again on their debut and make sure you watch their performances to see what grabbed Yunho’s attention!

credit: allkpop


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