Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 30, 2014

[News] 140130 JYJ’s Junsu thanks staff and fans for the success of his musical ‘December’

JYJ‘s Junsu shared his thoughts on his final performance of the musical ‘December‘ in Seoul.

Junsu performed a total of 30 shows in front of 70,000 fans since the opening of the musical on December 16 of last year, and ‘December’ closed its curtains in Seoul on the 29th to the applause of 3,000 audience members.

The JYJ member shared through his agency C-JeS Entertainment, “There were so many people to thank on stage during the curtain call today. First off, I’m thankful to all of the staff and cast who did their best for this musical ‘December’ and to the audience who showed their endless support and encouragement.”

He continued, “…the cast had to invest a lot more time and effort [to this musical], and the entire staff worked a lonely job involving a hard road of trial and error. However, thanks to the encouragement of the audience each performance, they received strength and were able to make a good musical. I was fortunate to meet this production.”

The label also stated, “Junsu’s ticket power surprised the industry once again. Through this musical’s box office success, we found that the audience trusted Junsu’s projects, and he was recognized as a representative musical actor. Although there was pressure from Kim Kwang Suk’s Jukebox musical, Junsu proved his true value with his explosive singing ability and expression of emotions.”

Junsu will enjoy a break until February 7 when he will go down to Busan for the upcoming stages of ‘December’ at Sohyang Theater, Centum City.

credit: allkpop

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