Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 30, 2014

[Trans] 140130 Hong Suk Chun Twitter Update

Hong Suk Chun: Thank you very much and I love you to my friends who came to my birthday party yesterday. Jaejoongie, Heechulie, Lee Sang Bong teacher, Hong Je Dong Kim Su Mi, ByeongKwonnie haha

Hong Suk Chun: Birthday present Jaejoongie gave, Moldir bag. The brand that Jaejoongie launched. This is so pretty. Jaejoong is a person with remarkable talents. He participated in designing too, his idea is the best.

Hong Suk Chun: One more, Jaejoong’s second birthday present. This is the design where Jaejoong said it’s pretty and said it matches with me well, he specially brought it for me haha. I almost cried. Jaejoong ah thank you love you.

Hong Suk Chun: Holding the bags Jaejoong gave and show by myself at home since morning hahahaha

Hong Suk Chun: Last picture for Jaejoongie’s fans. Jaejoong who came to celebrate my birthday together and went back home. Inside MYEX elevator. haha Jaejoong dressed up so coolly, because he drove his car here, there was a bit of uproar in Itaewon. Faithful best Jaejoong ah thank you

source: tonyhong1004
trans by: KatHeartsJJ


  1. Does this mean Jaejoong and Heechul are friends again? 🙂

  2. well i don’t know what happened between them but they have been close since their trainee days…even though what he said back then in 2011 about jyj wasn`t appropriate, i think they already reconciled…i mean they have been hanging out a lot (see pictures of 2012 and so on) and heechul even talks about jaejoong a lot…

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