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[News] 140207 South Korean design firm ADI landed biggest branding job for K-pop star Jae Joong

PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 7, 2014SEOUL, South KoreaSEOUL | February 7 2014 – South Korean design agency, Art & Design International (ADI) has recently closed of one of their biggest projects yet. This project included a complete branding job for South Korean singer Kim Jae Joong’s recently opened coffee house, Cafe J Holic in Seoul. Jae Joong is best known as a member of the K-pop group JYJ.

Amongst other companies, ADI was selected by Jae Joong himself since the K-pop singer was looking for a Korean design agency that would be able to take on this very important and big project. The South Korean design agency was responsible for the whole branding process of Cafe J Holic, which consists of a large range of stylish merchandise. With the help of Art & Design International, Cafe J Holic turned into a unique coffee shop in its own kind where people do not only come to enjoy a cup of coffee but also come to shop the products of their favorite Korean star.

The South Korean company has designed over 60 merchandise products, all with a distinctive design that fits the coffee shop’s corporate identity. The products range from coffee mugs to tote bags and pillows, from which some are only available in limited edition. For his fans ADI has designed a special journal where Jae Joong shares some personal information about himself, like his favorite day of the year. “This project was a good opportunity for us to learn about the K-pop culture and get an inside look on the relationship between celebrities and their fans”, says CEO Hellen Choo, who says to become more aware of the power of Korean pop culture throughout South-East Asia after this project.

This is one of ADI’s biggest projects and one of the most exciting so far. ADI is confident that this project will help put the agency on the market nationally as well as internationally. There’s no doubt that ADI has a great future ahead of them.


ADI is design think tank. We are a collection of ordinary people who believe in doing extraordinary work. A diverse skill-set within our team means we are able to offer a wide range of services. From one off advertising campaigns and commercial web projects to full branding exercises and everything in between. We believe in design and having fun.

We take pride in being the first global design consultancy based in Seoul, South Korea, offering our services in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English.

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