Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 17, 2014

[News] 140317 Yunho reveals Changmin suddenly does a lot of aegyo for him

Yunho revealed that Changmin‘s aegyo suddenly increased lately!

The two TVXQ members were guests on SBS Power FM‘s ‘Jung Seong Hee’s A Night Like Tonight“. During the broadcast, Yunho asked CHangmin, “Fans usually think Changmin is chic, but lately he does a lot of aegyo. I’m curious if he’s suddenly changed, or if he realized something, or if he’s lonely.

Changmin answered, “As the leader, Yunho hyung is always responsible and he does all the difficult things. I guess I was just feeling safe from that, so I didn’t talk much. But now, I think that if I could help, I should step forward to do things so hyung doesn’t have to. Now that I think like that, I feel more free and I can express myself more. Now that I’m like that, I’m like a runaway horse. I guess I got more aegyo, too.

The DJ asked, “For example, what kind of aegyo do you do?“. Changmin answered, “Before, if Yunho hyung said, ‘let’s do something’, I’d just say, ‘Ah, okay’. Now, I say, ‘Okies~’. I’m not trying to be cute. It just come out.

Yunho added, “I like this better. Before it was two guys, so aegyo was weird. But now that we can joke around with each other, I think we became a group with a lot of color.

credit: allkpop


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