Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 30, 2014

[News] 140328 ‘Three Days’ and ‘Cunning Single Lady’ suffer a drop in viewer ratings but which Wed-Thurs drama was #1?

With ‘Three Days’ and ‘Cunning Single Lady’ suffering a drop in viewer ratings, ‘Generation of Youth’ fought its way to #1 in its time slot!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the March 27th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Generation of Youth’ achieved a 12.3% viewer rating, which is a 0.7% increase from its previous viewer rating of 11.6%.

SBS‘ ‘Three Days’ dropped 0.3% from a 11.3% to 11.0% viewer rating this week, and MBC‘s ‘Cunning Single Lady’ also dropped 0.2% from a 8.7% to 8.5% viewer rating.

‘Generation of Youth’ will air its finale on April 2. Which Wed-Thurs drama would you recommend to other K-drama lovers?

credit: allkpop


  1. I dont understand why there was a drop in viewers for the recent ep of three days. Perhaps its because its a heavy action drama and the normal viewers want romance or comedy right now instead of a political kaos. They must also be a younger audience if generation of youth is most popular over it. I love the three days drama and especially love yoochun in this more mature action role. The world is in a serious time of limbo right now with wars, potential wars, economic disaster, etc.. Three days streatches out a three day event to 16 weeks of waiting. This coupled with no possibility of the main characters engaging in romance or even the suggestion of sexual frustration can be a big turn off for a younger viewing audience. I seriouly hope viewer rating picks up for three days. It would be a shame for the excellent acting of yoochun and the rest of the cast to go un-noticed and under appreciated.

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