Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 5, 2014

[News] 140402 They’re Not ‘Acting Idols,’ They Are Just ‘Actors’

It’s time that the title “acting idols” are dropped to just “actors”. Stars who have proven their showmanship through their idol star careers are now becoming full-fledged actors who are popular not because of their singing but because of their acting. As a matter of fact, many “acting idols” are now some of the hottest actors on the K-Drama scene right now.

They are no longer simply “acting idols”. Their acting prowess has earned them the title of “actors”.

Yoochun, Kim Hyun Joong, Uee, and Dasom are a few of the most popular actors and actresses right now. They are also from a K-Pop star background. Their acting is convincing, and their dedication as an actor is unsurpassed. Stars such as Yoochun and Kim Hyun Joong are now two of the most sought-after actors for a leading role. Uee’s acting in MBC drama “Golden Rainbow” received critical acclaim, and SISTAR’s Dasom is receiving praise for her on-going role on KBS’s “Melody of Love”.

What about in movies? Stars such as ZE:A’s Im Siwan comes to mind. He played a vital role in the popular movie “The Lawyer”. “The Lawyer” drew in more than 10 million viewers in Korea, which is considered a run-away success in Korea.

There was a time when K-Drama producers were heavily attacked by people who recognized the fact that idols often do not have the acting ability required to play big roles. However, that is quickly changing.

This is because the idol stars decided to audition for a part with everyone else instead of just being spoon-fed a part by their management company. This led to the best actor or actress being chosen, regardless of origin. With more and more management companies teaching their trainees to act, it is no wonder that the current crop of idol stars adapt so quickly to the professional acting environment.

The fact that the idol stars are in a professional environment for acting is also a major contributing factor to their improving acting skills. When they are surrounded by professional actors, they are able to receive much-need criticisms and lessons about acting from the people who have devoted their lives to hone the craft. Yoochun credited his cast members Son Hyun Joo, Jang Hyun Sung, and Yoon Je Mun as people who constantly help him with his acting. Kim Hyun Joong has said the same about actors Kim Gab Soo, Choi Il Hwa, and Son Byung Ho.

The acting idol stars are no longer considering acting as a secondary job – as a matter of fact, most of these actors are considering acting their career, or at least their post-idol career.

One K-Drama professional stated, “Whereas previously idol stars just threw themselves onto the acting scene unprepared, many idol stars of today are coming into the acting scene well prepared. They are as prepared as a rookie actor might be, which tells you the amount of effort that they put into acting, even with all the training that they do for their music careers as well.”

credit: kpopstarz

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