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[News] 140404 A Political Science University Professor in China praises the Korean drama “Three Days

Just like the Korean drama You Who Came from the Stars, the SBS drama Three Days has also been gaining much attention and popularity in China.  Three Days followed the SBS drama You Who Came from the Stars when it ended last February. Recently, University professors in the field of Political Science praised the drama Three Days for the political issues it depicts.

On March 26, a Political Science University Professor in China, Fang Xhin Yu posted on his Weibo account, “The Korean drama ‘Three Days’ unfolds the real events, the dark side stories behind political issues. It depicts political intrigues, assassination, deception and even bloodshed whenever the situation gets compromised. I recommend this drama to be watched.”

Three Days was also compared to the popular U.S political drama TV Series “House of Cards” where actor Kevin Spacey takes the lead role.

Fang Xhin Yu added, “ ‘Three Days’ deserves to be compared to the Hollywood TV series ‘House of Cards’. The plot and political issues were very much related. Both dramas confidently expose what really happens behind their respective country’s political situations.”

Golden Thumb Pictures representative Kim Yong Hoon commented, “Chinese Scholars seemed to express grateful assessments. It simply means that even the Chinese Market carefully criticizes the Korean dramas.”

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