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[News] 140411 “Three Days” follows “My Love from the Star” to be hit drama in China

JYJ’s Yoochun’s currently airing drama “Three Days” is becoming a hit in China. The drama itself has been making quite a buzz with the highest price for copyright sold not too long ago, but now it is also catching up with a big number of viewers as well.

The drama is reported to have reached 180 million views until April 9, according to Youku. It has also viewed for a total of 68 million times in Tudou. It surely follows the success of its predecessor, “My Love from the Star”, which received lots of love from Chinese viewers.

The drama has also earned praises for its solid storyline and acts. Yoochun’s popularity has also gone stronger, even his previous dramas resurfaced again gaining more viewers due to the popularity of “Three Days”.

Meanwhile, the 11th episode of “Three Days” has also recorded the highest rating so far with 11.2% according to Nielsen Korea. The rating is expected to go even higher as the story unfolds and the recent end of its competitor, KBS’ “Age of Feeling”.

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