Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 5, 2014

[News] 140505 Jaejoong, Siwan, & Lee Bum Soo discuss their ‘Triangle’ characters’ personalities

The three main characters of ‘Triangle‘ talked about their characters!

Lee Bum Soo plays Jang Dong Soo, a detective with anger restraint problems because he lost his younger brothers. He said, “Jang Dong Soo is a character who has been living with guilt because he lost his parents when he was young and couldn’t protect his brothers. After, he changes because of Oh Yeon Soo‘s character’s love. The story of him and his younger brothers as they dig up the truth at different points in their lives, meet again and heal their pains will be both interesting and touching.

Jaejoong plays Heo Young Dal, whose birth name is Jang Dong Chul. He said, “When I see the life, fate, and love that the brothers lived on, I find myself applying the emotions of the things I’m actually worried about right now. People will be able to feel and connect with the things people worry about at least once in their lives.

Siwan plays Yoon Yang Ha, whose birth name is Jang Dong Woo. He said, “He grew up not as a son but as a successor, and he solves his loneliness with cold smiles. I hope people have a lot of sympathy for his loneliness. Personally, I’m looking forward to Jaejoong-hyung’s image change where he falls to the lowest of the low. I saw a little bit of his scenes, and I was really surprised. I’m really curious as to see how it will be on broadcast.

The first episode will air tonight on the 5th!

credit: allkpop

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