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[News] 140509 TVXQ earn the highest among SM artists

TVXQ (Photo: The ChosunIlbo JNS/Gettyimages)

TVXQ is currently at the top of their game and has been leading the Hallyu K-Pop wave in Japan. This topic became one of the issues analyzed in the latest episode of SBS One Night Entertainment.

Since there is no actual document released as records, experts estimated the number of earning from the concerts and performances that the group did. TVXQ made quite an achievement last year with their five dome tour in Japan which made them the first Korean and foreign artist to do so.

They also generated more than 100 billion Won sales in Japan alone last year. Not to mention the other tours that they had which generated sales revenue for about 90 million Won plus merchandise sales for about 10 million Won.

TVXQ has also recorded quite an achievement with their recent album, “TREE” on Oricon Chart. The seventh Japanese album topped the Oricon Chart, including the daily, weekly, and monthly album charts.It also brings TVXQ to top Oricon’s Single Chart for 12 times, Album Chart for three times with full length album and four times in total, including their best album.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is currently touring in Japan for the “TVXQ Live Tour 2004~TREE~”. TVXQ kicked off the tour in Yokohama on April 22. They will perform in a total of 10 cities, including Yokohama, Nagoya, Miyagi, Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukui, Niigata, Fukuoka and Hiroshima. They will be performing for a total 29 concerts in the mentioned cities.

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