Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 14, 2014

[News] 140514 JYJ Yoochun’s first solo fan meeting sells out in 15 minutes

Fans of Yoochun have given him an early birthday present! The JYJ member will be spending his birthday next month by holding his first solo fan meeting, and tickets for the event have already sold out.
C-JeS Entertainment stated on May 14, “The tickets for Yoochun’s first solo fan meeting with domestic fans sold out within 15 minutes.” The agency previously said, “In honor of his birthday, Yoochun will meet fans as a solo artist in Korea for the first time… For his birthday this year, he plans to spend a good time with the fans who have constantly shown their love and support until now.”

Yoochun is holding his fan meeting with 6,000 fans at KINTEX, Ilsan on June 4.

credit: allkpop


  1. I’m truly surprised that it took that long. These Guys are that popular, and maturing day to day. Have a great time and a marvelous Birthday, Yoochun. 🙂 ❤

  2. […] . JYJ news! ➤ aah, old news here… I’m sure 80% of ppl have already seen it and/or the episode to it. Jaejoong runs in nothing but underwear for second teaser of ‘Triangle’ Daaaamn, he’s too thin… 😦 ➤ They do? ^^ then it’s good for JJ. It means he plays his character well. Viewers of “Triangle” like seeing Jaejoong get roughed up? ➤ I wonder WHAT eactly this yellow ribbon thing means o.o sorry but this went past me. o-o JYJ’s Jaejoong joins the “Yellow Ribbon” campaign on the internet ➤ I somehow found it cute what she said ^^ [News] 140423 ‘Three Days’ show Yoochun and Park Ha Sun’s chemistry in behind-the-scenes videos ➤ 허~~!!! thank you G.O for talking good about him! 140427 MBLAQ’s G.O talks about Junsu in an interview. ➤ After a lot of back and forth in this matter: well, slowly it is really time for it to happen! [News] 140501 Kim Jaejoong Talks About Last Project Before Enlistment, “Triangle,” and JYJ Comeback Plans I find it so cool that they are still good friends ^3^ [Pic] 140430 Elbowyeish’s instagram update with Junsu ➤ haha! John visited Junsu’s new Iron Man! this was a cool role for him indeed! JYJ’s Yoochun gives his message of thanks and condolences as ‘Three Days’ comes to an end ➤ ho ho! hot scene with KJJ~ ;P Jaejoong heats things up with a hot kiss and shower scene in ‘Triangle’ ➤ the song is nice! [News] 140505 Ailee Sings the First Theme Song for “Triangle” OST I’m really happy Ailee sings a song to JJ’s drama ^___^ – additional acticle: Ailee lends her voice for the song ‘Day by Day’, the main OST of drama ‘Triangle’ (with audio there!) ➤ XIAcula! =D JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) to play a vampire for musical ‘Dracula’ aaah, and Junsu looks so good these days! I cannot even! =) It makes me happy! ➤ Ok, Best Ballad concert is over in the meantime, but ^^ just because of the picture with the pink hair *haha* [News] 140507 JYJ’s Junsu heads to Japan for his upcoming Japan spring tour ➤ Although ppl liked the “rough” jajoong, the drama itself they didn’t find so great (heard it from my tlist directly) ‘Triangle’ continues to fall, becomes the last in ratings I feel a bit bad for the cast.. but at least JJ has much fun filming it! ➤ fanmeetings in china are always a big success ^^ Yoochun to also hold fan meetings in China this June ➤ It really WAS amazing! ;~; 140515 [NEWS] Junsu moves 30,000 Japanese fans to tears with his heavenly voice – additional articles: JYJ’s Junsu sings an emotional medley of TVXQ songs during his ‘XIA the Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert’ in Japan – in case you wanna see some FANCAMS I recommend you this small set of awesome fancams: 140514 [FANCAMS] XIA 2014 The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Tokyo (Day 2) ➤ I guess it’s because they only did dramas lately the fans miss them a lot ^^ [News] 140514 JYJ Yoochun’s first solo fan meeting sells out in 15 minutes […]

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