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[News] 140521 TVXQ kick off first day of “TVXQ Live Tour 2004~TREE~” at Tokyo Dome

TVXQ (Photo: Choi Soo-Young/GettyImage)

TVXQ finally made it to Tokyo for their “TVXQ Live Tour 2004~TREE~” at the Tokyo Dome. The duo successfully kicked-off the four day concert yesterday.

The duo performed in front of very enthusiastic fans that filled the concert venue with the red ocean light sticks. Changmin and Yunho were also very energetic on stage to perform the new songs from their newest album “TREE”, like “Tree of Life”, “I Love You”, “Something”, “Hide & Seek”, “Scream” and some of their previous songs, like “Humanoids”, and “Keep Your Head Down”.

Changmin said that they were both so excited for the performance in the Tokyo Dome that they could not sleep. They also got to interact smoothly with their fans in between their performance, through a lot of jokes and even a special Korean lesson by Yunho.

TVXQ will continue the performance in Tokyo until May 23, and will then continue to perform in Osaka, Fukuoka and Hiroshima for a total of 29 concerts in the mentioned cities until June.

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  1. 2004?? lol you mean 2014 right? 😛

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