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[News] 140618 JYJ’s Yoochun talks about acting and soju for “Singles”

061814 JYJ Yoochun 1

JYJ’s Yoochun shared his thoughts on his latest drama “Three Days” and his love for soju (Korean vodka) in the special interview and pictorials for July edition of “Singles” Magazine Korea. The singer and actor went to Macau for the photo shoot and showed his professionalism throughout the whole sessions.

After finishing the drama “Three Days”, Yoochun said that it is still difficult to forget his role as Han Tae Kyung and his badge. The member of JYJ said that every time he got a new project, he becomes excited and pleased, but he also mentioned that he is still learning about himself. He also talked about his upcoming movie debut “Sea Fog”, his thoughts about acting, and also the preparation of JYJ’s new album.

061814 JYJ Yoochun 2

In his spare time, Yoochun also mentioned that he went to a lot of drinking parties and picked soju as his favorite alcoholic drink. He especially enjoyed soju with diced radish kimchi snacks, which is unbeatable for him.

The pictorial for the interview were taken in Macau. Yoochun received a lot of raves for his professionalism and cheerfulness during the photo shoot in spite of the hot weather in the country. The 12 page pictorial and interview spread of Yoochun in the magazine will be available starting from June 18.

061814 JYJ Yoochun 3

061814 JYJ Yoochun 4

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