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[News] 140619 JYJ’s Park Yoochun to Appear as Guest in Chinese Variety Show “Happy Camp”

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun will be making an appearance at the popular Chinese variety show “Happy Camp.

According to C-Jes Entertainment, the singer-actor will be a guest at the Hunan Satellite TV variety program. “Park Yoochun will appear at ‘Happy Camp’ on June 23. He was the only Korean actor invited to appear in the ‘Gods’ special episode,” said a representative from C-Jes Entertainment on June 19.

The representative from C-Jes Entertainment further shared what Park Yoochun will be doing at the show. “Under the theme of ‘The Secret of Gods,’ Park Yoochun will be showing a secret side of him that hasn’t been revealed before in the show. He will also have an interview and a song performance.”

This is Park Yoochun’s first appearance in China after his special appearance at Hunan Satellite TV’s “Lantern Festival Joy Party” for the celebration of the first full moon of the lunar calendar on February 2013. The “Lantern Festival Joy Party” is a special holiday show produced by Hunan Satellite TV. During that time, Park Yoochun was the only Korean actor invited, proving his immense popularity in China.

Meanwhile, the recording for “Happy Camp” to be held on June 23 will be broadcasted on July 12.

“Happy Camp” is a popular variety program airing since 1997 at one of the three biggest television companies in China, Hunan Broadcasting System. Its accumulated number of viewers exceed 700 million.

credit: soompi


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