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[News] 140811 BEAST’s Gikwang and JYJ’s Junsu call each other “Angel”

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Two idols, BEAST’s Gikwang and JYJ’s Junsu, have shown their close brother-like friendship through recent updates on their SNS.

It was started with a picture of Seoul’s sky image uploaded by Gikwang who is known for his weather-man title that leads Junsu to respond: “are you same with me who like to take a picture of beautiful sky while riding a car? Show me angel-Gikwang.”

Gikwang then replied with a cute picture of him and said: “it’s Angel Gikwang.. I’m shy…,” to which Junsu commented: “Heol, it’s super cute.”

“ me..the original one..I’m searching Angel xia on Naver, the pictures are really cute and I reallybecame hyung’s me fast,” Gikwang asked Junsu to do the same.

Junsu then uploaded a I true of him following Gikwang’s cute pose and said: “here! ah I don’t know,” showing a cute reply to his dongsaeng.

Seeing the cute way of how the two called each other with “Angel” name and their cute selcas, fans left several comments, such as “Angel Gikwang and Angel Xia, love both of them!” “You two are like angel to me,” and “it’s so cute”.

So which Angel do you like better, Angel Gikwang or Angel Xia?

credit: ttwigos
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