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[News] 140812 TVXQ’s Yunho makes his first appearance on “The Night Watchman’s Journal”

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TVXQ’s Yunho finally made his first appearance in the drama “The Night Watchman’s Journal” on the latest episode last night. Yunho’s character, Moo-Seok, appeared in the third episode in a scene involving Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo) and Park Soo Ryeon (Seo Ye Ji).

The latest MBC drama has come on top of the viewership rating as soon as it was aired. It keeps leading the Monday and Tuesday drama with the latest episode reached 11 %, while SBS’ “Temptation” and KBS’ “Trot Lovers” following behind respectively.

“The Night Watchman’s Journal” is written by Yoo Dong Yoon, who previously involved in “King and I”, “Age of Warriors” and “King’s Dream”. The drama is directed by Lee Joo Hwan who previously worked in “Jumong” and “Shin Don”, while the production company of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” is taking care of the whole project.

The drama is set in Joseon era, telling the story of the night watchmen patrol after curfew hours to hunt and catch evil supernatural beings as they are the only ones that can see and fight these monsters and ghosts. It airs on MBC every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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