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[News] 140815 Fans’ reactions to Yoochun’s wish to drink together with TVXQ

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In an interview with eDaily StarIN, JYJ’s Yoochun has expressed his wish to have a drink together with TVXQ members. So how did fans react to the idol’s wish?

Fans have sent various comments following his statement that was released yesterday, August 13. It appears that they are fairly enthusiastic to see the reunion between TVXQ’s five members.

“I hope to see the five of them on stage together…,” a fan wrote, which received +9,195 likes. Fans also wrote positive comments and even said there is no K-pop bands as good as them. “I doubt we’ll ever get another group like TVXQ…,” a fan wrote.

Many people indeed regret that Jaejong, Yoochun, and Junsu- left TVXQ in 2010, bearing in mind the idol group that is under SM Entertainment was at the peak of their popularity.

Fans also realized this and wrote: “TVXQ debuted when the idols were about to go out and blew life back into the Kpop market,” on the column of the article.

Although their conflict with the agency has ended, fans still remember the five TVXQ members- Yunho, Jaejong, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin – as the best band.

“They’re the best creation out of SM. What a shame,” a fan commented.

So what kind of comments would you write?

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  1. Such a lovely guy. I kinda expect that statement coming out from DB’s leader mouth. -my comment-

  2. amiin, you’re the best TVXQ!5 fighting!!

  3. As much as I agree with things like the group that debuted together being beyond amazing and such, I hope it’s iust a mistranslation to be saying things like “I doubt we’ll ever get another group like TVXQ.” Yes, they were incredible, but TVXQ does still exist and they are doing wonderfully as well. Just like JYJ is working so hard – just as all 5 of them, together or apart, always have. The wording just..really hurt because in my mind it discredited all of Yunho and Changmin’s hard work in one small sentence…

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