About SharingYoochun

Hello! ^^/

it’s a bit late greeting you guys now, eh? lol

anywayz, the administrators of this page are Chompoo, Shinta, Legra, Sammy and Shar.

Shinta, Chompoo and Legra met at multiply, and we have our own page there (not collaborating like this). However, as multiply is getting sucks (they will delete zooming link for pics in just a month) and no more link to download vids and mp3s.. we both decided to move here in wordpress. And since we still want to keep our own multiply pages, to make our life easier, we become co-blogger in managing this new page! And since SYC became more well known since then, Sammy and Shar was added along the way.

We’re so happy with everyone’s support here! this page was firstly published on August 12th 2008, yet has already got 7,553 hits as of August 21st 2008!


Ah, and before I end up this lame greeting, we would like to tell you that we have chatbox!

we couldn’t put the c-box code at the side bar *bricked wordpress* so we’ll just post up the link (it’s under Yoochun pic at ‘whom we share’ box, second box from top). You can leave your message there, or maybe some requests? we’ll try to fulfill everyone’s requests!

Lastly… Hope you’ll enjoy ur visit in our page!



  1. tat is kute pic of Chunnie…still hv de long hair….i like ^__^

    • Yoochun Oppa is very cute either long hair or short hair. Love his smile, the sweetest smile XD

      • whatever your hair style i’m still be your k-pop fan…

  2. Shinta: me too loving it!!!

  3. Chompoo:

    that is what we share hehehehe

  4. thanks for all the updates and for keeping us posted with everything that is dong bang… hehehe
    i always visit your site… keep up the good work…

  5. Shinta:

    yeah I know you!! ^^
    and you always leave us messages, thanks a lot =3

  6. ur new site is super cool^^
    I will always support this site
    Chompoo+Shinta fighting!!!

  7. Shinta:

    thank you, Clover ^^

  8. hi..shinta and chompoo, i just found your site. It’s really really cool site. Your news and pics about the DB boys always up date n the latest one. Good Job girls. I enjoy visiting your site. Keep up the good work girls!

    Btw, shinta are you come from Indonesia? because your source stated from tvxqindo? Just curious…

  9. Shinta:

    @UNO: oh yes, I’m from Indonesia and an official member at TVXQINDO as well..

    are u the same Indonesian as me??? ^^

    • hi…shinta.me from indonesia too..^__^..thx u for the news on this web really amazing

    • me too…from indonesia!!

  10. Hi
    I found your site few days ago
    Thanks for lots of pictures, videos and more

    On your site I have to read and write in English
    It might help me to brush my English skills up!!

  11. Oh I have to tell you this
    I’m a bigeast…

  12. YEA~ you gals get all the popularity.. yea.. lol.. know me? im from multiply too.. joongjoongluver.. JiN Ga I.. guess u dont know me.. imnot famous like u gals..
    bleh~ i got a blog in wordpress too.. neh~
    haha.. juz kidding..
    be sure to visit my blog too.. coz im visiting urs often..

  13. Hey..
    I think your site is awesome..
    Thanks for all the links, photos and news…
    Please keep on going!!

  14. Shinta:


    Ahhh!!! Japanese!!! ^o^/

    sooooo glad to find out that our readers’ nationalities are widely spread!!!

    @Jin Ga I:

    we’ll try to visit you too ^^


    I notice you to leave comments a lot for us ^^
    thank you so.. much for being an active reader, dear ❤

  15. hi! ^_^ when i saw Chompoo, i knew that she’s the one from multiply..hehe..
    anyways..do you guys post news? if yes, then i will use your site as my source of news that i’ll post somewhere else but with full credits..i promise!

    let’s spread the DONGBANG love.. >.<

  16. Shinta:

    yes, we also posted news, if it’s there ^^

  17. You guys know DBSK members?
    as in like friends relationship
    or just fan&idol?
    cos i saw some UFO thing
    not really sure,
    but somehow it makes me wanna talk to them
    like that too 😦
    or iszit fans from Korea that send them
    those messages?

  18. Shinta:

    oh yes, Yoochun is my boyfriend XDD

    LOL okay, sorry, but the answer is NO ^^ –I really want to say yes, but *sigh* no is still a no.

    We’re just their fans

    as for UFO messages, you can send it from ufo message official site, and the whole site is written in Korean, so unless you understand Korean, you will get lost there >.<

    plus, so far, I never find an UFO message sent by international fan which was replied by the boys.

  19. oh haha,
    Yoochun girlfriend eh^^ hahahah
    i wan JAEJOONG THEN! 🙂
    just cant resist from Jj’s smiel & laughter 😀
    but come to think of it,
    i know nth much about Jj 😦
    as in, after coming to this
    web, i was like omg!
    there is so many things for me to learn bout’ them man:)

    but i found some fans that are like really stalkers,
    like those scary one that stalks them
    24/7 .
    i mean i’m a fan myself,
    but it freaks me out when
    i realise that there is such stalkers out there 😦
    btw are you from singapore or??

  20. btw what is the offical fan site you talking bout?
    can give me the link?
    maybe i can try to survive inside haha

  21. legra@yusuke:
    i think the site you’re looking for is this right, http://ufotown.com/
    the whole site is in korean. you need a korean id to sign up for it too, which is a disadvantage for us international fans

  22. Shinta:

    and I’m from Indonesia! ^^

    Legra above is from Singapore (and from all these times I thought she’s from Malaysia XDDD)

    and Chompoo is from Thailand

    LOL we’re all separated

  23. whoaaa,, over 103,000 visitors already!! congrats!! cheers!

  24. legra

    whahahahaha… yah, shinta, tsk tsk… xp

    *goes to check*
    ouh yah!!!!
    yeah, let’s celebrate!!!!

  25. oic,
    but you guys have been to their concert iszit?
    i wana go tooooo 😀

  26. Hey! ^^

    This site is AWESOME!
    I’m a big fan of DBSK,especially JAEJOONG oppa~
    keep on your good work. =)

    btw, does Jaejoong has a special gf? Just want to know 😀 thanks!

  27. hey, i tried to enter that website.
    somehow i can understand,
    however still needs to be a member
    before writing letters/fan mail to TVXQ
    anyone here from CHINA?
    need china telephone no.
    to complete that membership thing.

  28. HEY, anyone knows what is the registration code
    for someone from singapore?

  29. legra@yusuke:

    sadly, only chompoo has went… i have been missing alot of the pass four years i know! dang it. too bad for studies. not sure if Shinta has gone but i think she hasn’t

    yup, you have to be a member to write ^_^
    i’m not from China so i don’t know but since i am from Singapore, the code here is +65.

    hehe, thanks. Jaejoong girlfriend. doubt so he has any, but if you refer to Yunho as his, hehe. then i cannot say anything about that

  30. Ur wc. Haha okay, i will consider yunho is HIS, so i have a chance to get JAE oppa~ weehee *dreaming* ^^v

  31. wow cutie

  32. ahhh!..
    remember me?..
    this is justin….

    woah..can’t believe this was your site also shinta and legra..weee
    and you were frends..
    i didn’t know that..

    that’s why you were always updated of dbsk..
    so cool!..
    FIGHTING guys!!!..

  33. thanks a lottttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kamsa hamnida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. hello….this is linn a fan from the middle east ^^
    btw is shenta the admin of mychocolitestar and chompoo is yuibkk’s? ohh just asking ^__^
    btw this is a very cool site and I just found it! thanks alot for all the pics you girls are great!

    oh btw yoochun is cool but changmin is waaaaaay cooler!!! :p

  35. Chompoo@Linn

    Yeah Changmin is too handsome lol I cheated on Yoochun once in a while with Changmin lol And yes I am Yuibkk@multiply and Shinta is mychocolitestar ^^

  36. Chompoo@ smileful

    Yes I do remember you JUSTIN….as i told ya…sharingyoochun is my new baby hehehehehe

  37. hi gals ^^
    ur site is so cooool!!!
    love it so much 🙂
    maybe i will spent more time here coz rite now my multiply getting suxxx..
    i rarely online multiply this days..
    so sorry to Chompoo & Legra coz i can’t reply ur msg @ multiply..
    thx God i can meet all of u here 🙂

  38. Chompoo@Aaja

    Yes Aaja u can meet me and legra here….we got the shout box u know and we check there like every time we get online and one of us (Legra or me) are online everyday (trying our best)

    How r u ^^

  39. @Chompoo

    hehe i’m fine..
    how about u?
    i’m sure now u’re busy preparing for the SM Festival in Bangkok next week rite?
    haha i sound like u’re the one who will perform there..

  40. legra@ Aaja:

    hey hey.. it’s okay if you rarely come online as long as you don’t forget us ^^

  41. Chompoo@Aaja

    Yeah Aaya I gotta prepare lots of plan for lots of people! I wonder why am i adding myself more problems lol i wish I could split myself into 3 or something!!! Yeah I feel like I am gonna perform too lol

  42. hi!!
    hu3.im yoochuns wife-to-be!!
    im msian.hmm..

  43. legra:

    hi there another chunnie lover… hehe…

    p/s: dong bang on kbs world now… music bank ^^

  44. woaahhh!!! U guys are so updated!!!
    thanks for sharing everything about our lovely TVXQ

    btw, for Shinta, I wanna know where’s TVXQIndo??
    Coz I’m Indonesian ^^
    I wanna join~~~

    and Legra, is there TVXQ Singapore??? or S’pore Cassies? coz I live in Singapore. I’m studying here
    I also wanna join~~

    I’m so glad to meet other Cassies out there!!!

    Fighting!! ^^

  45. Shinta:

    go to: http://www.tvxqindo.com to join in ^^

    I have lots of friends who study in singapore (NTU) ^^.. well, most of them already graduated this year and start to work though XP

  46. legra@XYellowMellowX:

    hey thanks ^^
    of course there’s a singapore tvxq… you can join here: http://singapore-tvxq.org/index.php?


    see you in any events then… there’s going to be an event on the 14th of december but registration for that closes on the 30th though..

    if you can reply by the 30th to me, then u might be able to join…

    more information here:

  47. Thanks a lot, guys!!!
    wowww,,, what events???

    will definitely spread DongBang luvvv!!! ^^

  48. okay,,, now it’s official,, as of today,, your hits are now over 200K!!! yaaaay!!!!

    whoaaa,, you guys are huge!!


  49. Shinta:

    hehe thanks for reminding us!!

    Wow yeah that’s a lot^^ it’s all becoz of you guys ❤

  50. hehe..i love your blog!! I am a friend of Chompoo in multiply..thanks for dbsk updates..^^
    i am loving yoochun 🙂 you are one of my sources.. thanks much!!

  51. hello there.. ^^
    i’m a korean music fan.. especially DBSK and Super Junior… cause them now i have account on youtube to upload some fanvid about ’em..
    i think this is called The Power of Love.. haha.. =D

    i read ur posting and i think this is da greatest blog about DBSK i’ve ever seen… nice to know many people love DBSK… XD
    i read several comment here.. shinta, are you come from indonesia??well.. same like me.. haha.. ^^
    keep ur hardwork!

  52. Hi!” I like your blog very much
    congratulations for the hits! XD
    and for the updates
    of TVXQ <3<3<3
    Bye ^^

  53. hi!!! how are you guys…i’m one of the tvxq fans here from the middle east…

    thanks for updating us about them(tvxq)…

    i love yoochun and junsu…love the way mickey smile…


  54. wah~ I’m finally commenting on this after 2+ months of following~ =p

    hehe..I LOVE this blog ..seriously~
    First thing that I open up is this blog~ not a day goes by when I dont open SharingYooChun ^^

    TY! so much Shinta+Chompoo+Legra~
    for providing us with these updates ^^

  55. hi!
    i ❤ yoochun
    he is very cute!!!

  56. aww, yoochun look super cute!
    i’m loving your page…
    it’s like dong bang encyclopedia…
    very very informative…
    keep up the great work XD and happy new year!

  57. Annyeong !!!

    I was looking for some Dong Bang news and I found this blog…. Such an awesome blog isn’t?

    After following your great job, I wanted to tell how much I love you girls !!! Ahhahah
    Thanks for mp3, links for vids and pictures…

    Keep up your hard and great work !!
    And let’s spread our love for DBSK boys !!!

    (I’m an asian girl from France, I am so far from you but keep on follow your work ! Kekekeke)

  58. annyong^^
    newbie here…
    always visit this blog everyday,,
    so update!!
    rock on gals!!


  59. legra:

    it’s been a long time since the three of us visit here.
    Sorry about that but i just want to say;
    Welcome to all the new readers ^^
    Do drop by once in a while alright

    wah, how could you… you’re a friend of Chompoo but not a friend of mine?!!?! T_T
    hehe, kidding

    wow… is it your own fancams?!?
    anyways, yes, shinta is from indonesia ^^

    see you around alright ❤

    middle east… wow, from where exactly?!
    you like yoochun and junsu huh… so do you like yoosu?! hehe, cause we do

    lol… you’re welcome dear

    yoochun lover huh… join the fanclub then *hi 5*

    haha, encyclopedia?! new year to you too alright

    WOAH! asian girl from france… cool.. i only have one question for you then… bonjour paris photoshoot… were you there?!!?!?!?!!?
    k, make it two, asian from where exactly, hehe

    ^^ see ya and thank you

  60. Ahha…Bonjour Paris…I missed them…because I didn’t know them in that time !!! *Cursed* (They came in Paris in sept of 2007…and I started to luv’ DBSK something like 2 months later…)
    And when I found that thoses gods came to my country…you can imagine my… how can I put this…frustration? (how a weak word!) you know…*cried*

    And yeah, I am French but my parents came from Cambodia! ^_^

  61. legra@san-hime:

    waaaaaaah… tough luck for you… you must be screaming mad then… lol… i can just like kill myself if i were you… haha, not literally of course

    ah, cambodia… they went there too right to film the “triangle” video… lol

  62. I <33 your blog! it’s so fun to visit^^

    btw, about the sharingyoochun tour for tvxq’s 3rd Asia Tour, i really hope you guys mean it. It would be so much fun to go in a bunch XD

    plsssss go to my blog and check the first post, it’s regarding tvxq’s concert in msia. I would really appreciate it too if you can post it in your blog =]]


  63. Chompoo@crazee91

    thanks for loving our blog dear. About sharingyoochun Miritic Tour, it’s just in my dream that’s all…u think i should make it real? who’s gonna wanna join? anyway we can jst meet up at the concert hall in bangkok…no worries

    and i am gonna visit your blog noq

  64. Hi there, i’d want to affiliate with this website, is that possible 😀 ? I have a baby international forum for Yoochun ^^


  65. so cutie

  66. love your blog and micky yoochun=)
    hope unnies can share him with me. hehe=)

  67. love your blog and micky yoochun=)
    hope unnies can share him with me. hehe=)

    and im one of TVXQ fans from Brunei.

  68. this site is good..
    OMG i love micky yoochunnie… ❤

    im from malaysia… =)

  69. @ iera_jun

    I AGREE with youuuu ;3

    love this web for the reliable news everyday!!

  70. legra@huongle:
    i’ve emailed you right… did i.. lol, if i haven’t please email is alright ^^…

    who’s cute?! me?!? or yoochun.. better be me though… hehe

    ah, brunei i see… that’s near Singapore ^^
    well three is already a crowd… *get kicked by all*
    lol, not a problem… we can share him if you want… so which part of him do you want… i’ll take his face… lol

    you love him… good good… there’s no reason to hate him… well, there’s one reason though… hehe… shan’t tell you what…


  71. @legra-onnie:

    well three is already a crowd… *get kicked by all*
    lol, not a problem… we can share him if you want… so which part of him do you want… i’ll take his face… lol”]

    you’re so funny^^

  72. legra@tari:

    thinking about it, i’ll take his heart

  73. hey girls! i’ve got nothing better to do,, so i thought i might as well surf this post and once again, spazzing around by reminding u guys that u reached 515,900 hits already!! yay? this site is HUGE! luv it! — please ignore me, LOL!

  74. legra@ayu:

    waaaaaah… more then half a million already
    yeah to all of us for making this possible, you, me, all ^^

    anyways, what’s amazing is that it was less then 500,000 like two or three days ago..

  75. @legra:

    i knoooow,, i told u, this site is HUGE now,, should u like, open a registration up for official sharingyoochun fanclub or something,, LOL!

    more power to u guys! sharingyoochunjjang!


  76. legra@ayu:
    i finally get what you mean… there was about 10,000 viewers yesterday. LIKE FREAKING ALOT!

  77. love ur site^_^i enjoy ur fanfic!hahaah!…no matter what chunnie wears,watever his haristyle is..he’s stil adorable^_^so cute^_^!!more power to the admins^_^

  78. a great site!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and congrats on the viewers hit!!!
    this site is great!!!

    and i lovee it soo much..
    thanks guys!!!
    u guys make my day!!!! ^^

  79. legra@rose:

    hehe.. thanks you very much.. like we say, fashion follows yoochun doesn’t it… hehe


    thank you very much… ouh, you will be shock by the numbers… i was hella shock… but ouh well, just glad that everyone loves what we a re sharing… ^_^

  80. Hi girls!!
    just dropping by ur site..
    Take care U 3…

  81. I was not a big fan of DBSK until I received my mirotic album and 3rd Live Tour dvd, since then I can’t get them out of my mind!!!!

    So thanks to Legra/Shinta/Chompoo for making and sharing this great site!!!!

    And Yoochun is really lovable and irresistible 🙂

    Chompoo, please share with us if they really will perform in Bangkok, coz I am planning to go.

    Shinta, are u going too?? oh yeah, I am from Indonesia too.

    Keep the good work gals!!

  82. hi girls…
    i’m annyoyed by the hotlinkers who made ur pics turn ‘bandwidth exceded’…
    i have a suggestion…
    do u know that u can make a group account in photobucket??
    everyone can upload it there, and if u want the pics in ur personal account, u can move them easily too…
    it’s unlimited bandwidth i guess.. so u won’t have to worry bout the hotlinkers…
    but this not come from my experience… sorry…
    i never made a group account b4..
    i just heard it somewhere… hehehe….
    u should try it though… ^^

  83. oh yeah… forgot to put the link..


  84. legra@caren:

    hey… hello ^_^


    woah, you must have miss alot of good stuff then!!!
    when i say alot, i mean ALOOOOT!
    hey, i might be going too, why never ask me, hump!


    they do?!! really… okay, go check it out, thanks you for the GREAT news

  85. Yupe .. I missed ALOOOTTT
    still doing some catching up now 🙂

    hahaha .. I am sorry for not asking!! *duh*
    so I am waiting for the confirmation dates both in Bangkok or KL.

  86. you are doing great job guys 😉
    love it soooooooo much…
    yoochun deserve all the love ❤

    keep it up,
    and you are making our lives easy here, we the Arab fans.. 😀

  87. in my hert i always pray…. i hope you all my bst friends

  88. he so hot! he so cute~ I love him~

    hwaiting~~~~!!! hwaiting~~~!!!!

    muahahahahahah :))

  89. you can put the meebo widget into your sidebar, than you have a chat with everyone ready at hand… You just need a meebo account, but that is worth it.
    By the way, I’m not advertising, I have it too, and it’s cool…

  90. hey girls,, guess what?? u’ve reached 1,000,000 hits already!!! yay!!! congrats!!

    i love this site, i love u guys, and i love the boys sooooooooooo much!

    cheers!!! n_____________n

  91. legra@ernie:
    you should have catch up by now right
    or are you still lost
    bangkok bangkok
    let’s go watch concert in bangkok!

    woah! arab huh… assalamualaikum to you all then

    @deby :we should all be friends and not fight… but we’ll bitch alright… hehe

    you’re a yoochun fan too huh
    hihi ^_^

    ahhh, meebo… but i’m not too sure if it can be used in wordpress or not though… i mean, used meebo for some other stuff… will check later… but fyi, we do have a chatbox here:
    and it’s pretty active

    waaaaaaaaaaaah… really… i should do something about that then ^_^

  92. 안녕하세요…Sa Wad Dee Ka ^ ^
    난 “마나우” 입니다…
    나이 15 살이에요…
    태국 카시오페어예요…
    만나서 반가워요..^ ^
    태국에 자주 자주 와요….
    우리는 오빠들을 기다리고 있어요…
    감사해요…오빠 ^ ^ 보고 싶어요…^ ^
    안녕하세요…또 만나요…빠이 빠이

  93. ngahngah….lurves this site sooo muchhh…huhu…i am yoo-soo couple..dai-fan of them…so yoochun also my fav…huhuhu….kamo butt vs melty eyes….aww…yoo-soo couple..fightin!!…ngah ngah..

  94. AAhhh…!!
    Im an Indonesia too
    hello DBSK’s fans from the world
    I’m a member at TVXQINDO
    but not official yet…

    안녕, Konbanwa, Sa Wad Dee Ka, Hello, Bounjour, Bon Voyage
    to the point im really happy for all of DBSK Fans

    sorry for the bad English… ~__~

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    หนูชอบมากๆ 555

    ลองหาดูนะคะ นาวจำไม่ได้แล้วอ่ะคะ

    ปล.หนูสูบรูปของพี่เสมอ อิอิ (รักดงบังชินกิที่สุดเลย)

  96. พี่ชมพู รูปใหม่มากคะ ชอบมากๆๆๆ

    เลือดหมดตัวแล้วอ่ะ เฮอๆ

    ขอบคุณคร้าบบบบบบบ ^ ^

  97. i love this blog,Thanks for sharing.

  98. yoochun oppa hwaiting
    i love you……
    always n never

  99. Can I save and post some of your pics of Chunnie as long as I give you credit?


  100. sorry but anyone can help!!!!!!

    vote in channel V and spread this to other CASS

    now we follw SJ about 2000++

  101. i forget credit for pic TVXQ-sarang@TTF

  102. ohhh now i get it..cuz…u guys live in different areas…lol…ok..thats soo cute..bonding for DBSK..hehe..i love doing that..^^

  103. yaaH!! u guys are AWESOME!!!! XD

  104. thank you for this site!!
    i am huge Micky Yoochun fan
    i absolutely adore him in every way
    this site is my number 1 source


    • Agree!!!
      So do I…

  105. Shinta:

    woahhh it’s been a while none of us replying here ^^;;;;;


    thanks to all of u guys for the warm support!

    we have 2 million hits already less than a year becoz all of you~ thanks a lot! 🙂

  106. ok, i know this is really late to say this but I LOVE THE PICS you guys put at the sidebar..the one where dbsk are: sooooo hot and it has a really different feeling like manly + growing up + hot + sexy and ++++ everything! ok~

  107. Hello SYC admins,

    Do you guys know how to buy tickets of Mirotic concert at Beijing or Shanghai? I have been busy and haven’t updated many information 😦

    But I want to go to Mirotic concert in China as I am going to have some official holidays in July.

    • legra:

      woots… tickets huh… sorry but i am not sure there… really sorry

  108. You guys are awesome! Me and my sis loves the Dong Bang boys and their music a lot. I’m just a little biased towards Chunnie – which we have in common 😉 and my sister especially adores Junsu. 🙂 Keep up the good work! We’ll keep coming here for sure! Thanks for sharing all these good stuff! 🙂

  109. OMG..

    O_O you threesome are TOO awesome.. xD i’m sorry it doesn’t really rhyme.. BUT IT’S TRUE! ^O^ LOVE DONG BANG SHIN KI. ♥

    (And yes, I adore Yoochun too ^^… but like fi0naLee’s sister.. my sis LOVES Junsu xD )

    Chompoo.. Shinta.. Legra.. DONG BANK SHIN KI HWAITING! ~ ^^

    • hi hi there… you and your sis…
      glad to know you love our site
      we love you too


  110. hai shinta and chompoo.
    i dont know with this site.

    but this site look well

    are you indonesian?
    cz,ur name like indonesian’s name.

    i am indonesian.

    • and you left me out T_T

      – legra –

  111. Hi.. I thank you guys the administrators for putting up this site.. I find it very very updated and informative on our beloved boys.. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.. I’ll be supporting you.. 🙂

  112. hahaha!Come to visit your site naja chompoo…Real cat-eyed! Cheer up!

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    • thank you 😀

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    i know in every blog we got the same article
    but only SYC can convey the article better
    and only here that i brave to write a comment
    (cos my english level is same like Jun-chan lol)
    even i’m not really write a comment in everytime you post, but i always came here in my break time ^^

    keep up your great working
    and thanks <333

    • we do huh
      well, aja aja!

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    • u have to be a member of wordpress, then u can change your avatar…

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    • u just go to wordpress.com and they will ask u to login or to sign up…just like that…and after that u can change ur avatar…

  118. hehe.thank for reply

    Now, I’m ChannyJae, nice to meet you^^ :*

    • did you manage to change it?

      i’m nenanay and nice to meet u too…
      where r u from?

  119. hi everyone, new mem here ^^

    • hi there gem
      welcome to SYC then
      you’re mind will be ruined by the perverted admins here soon

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    where are U from?

    I like JaeJoong oppa the best 😡

    and U?

  121. I’m come from Vietnam

    do u know where ^^

    where are U from?

    I like JaeJoong oppa the best

    and U?

    • owh, i’m from malaysia…
      yes i know where vietnam is, LOL…
      actually i just went there last week ^^

  122. this is gem11myc = gem
    i’ve created an account on wordpress

    @Channy_Jae: I’m from Vietnam too ^^
    I love Chunnie the best ^^

    • Wow, u come from VN ???

      where do U live? ^^

  123. hi, every DBSK’s fans here!

    Chunnie is my all time FAV!!!!

    btw, do anyone know how to upload ur own pics which can be seen at the right side of our comments???


    • the avatar? just sign up an account in wordpress….

    • hi there Chunnie lover ^_^
      just follow the steps that dear nenanay have written and you can change it ^_^

  124. @Channy_Jae: i live in HCMC ^^
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  125. I live in Vinh Yen city ^^

    my name is Phuong, what is your name?

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    tvxq fighting!!

    • =]]

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    • haha… there’s a chatbox on the right hand side actually…
      it would be better if you girls can chat there… easier for new readers then ^^

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    how old are u? ^^

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    and gem?

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  129. @Channy_Jae: haha i’m ur unnie ^^

    i’m 19 [1990] ^^

    yeah… i like SYC too ^^

    dbsk is going to tokyo dome neh, so happy >///<

    tvxq hwaiting!!!

    • oh, Gem is 19 (old) =]]

      I think u are 15

      we are u studing?

      hic.now, i want come to korea so much :[[

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    i am a jae’s lover…hahahha..
    keep up the gud work and

    ” Hansang TVXQ SARANG”

    • hey there
      this is legra here
      thanks for visiting out site…

      yoochun is my lover but jae is my scandal [for now that is]

  131. @legra: u stay up so late neh ^^

    @Channy: y do ya think i’m 15? (oh i wish i were 15, lol)

  132. How did you guys can meet up?
    Would you like 2 tell me?

    • meet up?! we chat online and emails ^_^
      unless we are traveling to each other country, which hasn’t happen apart from the recent mirotic concert in bangkok where shinta met chompoo

      just curious, why the question!?


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    This is such an awesome site!

    The first and the last thing that i do everyday is to visit ur site and read every single info abt our lovely hubbies here!!!

    SYC hwaiting!!!

    ps:did i tell u guys dat yoochun is my all time FAV? im sure i did! *face blushing*

    • hehe… hi there
      well from your name of course you would love yoochun right ^_^

      nice to meet you and glad you enjoyed our site ^_^
      see you around then

  134. I am a fan of dbsk love music and the way they dance wahoo is surprising that many sigan asi felicidades: D

    • hey there
      great to know you’re from peru
      heard much about peru fans ^_^

  135. me gustaria conoserlos but the bad news is that I’m from peru and well who knows if they come here: (

  136. amazing SYC u guyz!!!!

    u guyz go stalking the boys’ sites and i’m going stalking SYC… lol

    more than 4 million hits, omedetou… (congratulations ^^)

    always love SYC, such wonderful site ^^

    gambatte!!! muack ^^

  137. check out my micky fanvid 😛 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G91PYKqxnzs&feature=channel_page

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  139. Please leave a signature, comment, and location on this site in regards to the recent news of the disposition and in support of the group



  140. hye!!!!i’m new fans of tvxq..how can i register???

    • register?!
      register for?

      this is an open blog… haha… you don’t have to register


  141. hi there 🙂
    ok i have to say that… this is the first time i meet your website 🙂
    and one thing more: i’m from vietnam but now i live in Buenos Aires, Arg :)) so that mean DB have fans in south america right?? :))
    nice to meet you guys
    i like this site, it’s really really cute, everything about our yoochun (i even don’t want to share my yoochun to my bff, what do you thik?? :))) and the owners of this blog.. uhm… i think girls, you are so gorgeous!!! 🙂
    love ya
    i’ll visit you guys everyday 🙂 hope so

  142. Hi all
    I’m from Indonesia
    nice to meet u~
    This first time I look ur website
    I’m cassie~
    I hope I can visit this web everyday

  143. Oh oh! Is somebody from Singapore? I thought I saw somebody saying that somebody was from singapore, cause I’m from there too. Hahahaha!

    Heyall! I’m Rachel or you can call me Ray.
    Nice knowing Chunnie has so many fans! So cool.
    Wow, they have like fans all over the world man, like seriously their international. Lol, does anyone have a soompi account?

    Oh yeah I wanted to ask, if I had a gift intended for Yoosu and of course Yunjae, how can I get it across to them? Anybody know how?

    • wow, been a while since any of us check it out here .. hehe

      hi there
      this is legra here
      and yeah
      i’m fron singapore
      and i’ve a soompi account too^^

      and about the gift, i dun think putting this mail online is a great idea right ^^
      try sendind to gelato or crebeau

  144. hi Ray 😀 I known the answer for your question, that: give it to me.

    just kidding. I think you should double it to share. Yoosu or Yunjae.. is not important 🙂 just love them

  145. girls! happy birthday :X love your blog every day, keep working
    hope you guilds have a good day 🙂

  146. hey guys!!!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Wish you all the best dearies! Don’t stop entertaining us with your captions and side comments. Hehe;)

    I <333 SYC. 😉

    Sorry for the late greeting, I was so busy with midterms. 🙂

  147. Hey! Guys! thanks for this site!

    I really like yoochun a lot. i just don’t know why i like him. but, there’s something in him that can’t stop me from admiring him… he’s such a cutie. ryt??

    btw, im from phil. hope i can have a friends here in sharingyoochun.

    pls.keep me updated guys,! thanks!

  148. Hey! Guys! thanks for this site!

    I really like yoochun a lot. i just don’t know why i like him. but, there’s something in him that can’t stop me from admiring him… he’s such a cutie. ryt??

    btw, im from phil. hope i can have a friends here in sharingyoochun.

    pls.keep me updated guys,! thanks!

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    i wanna apologize if i rarely come here nowadays =[

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    always keep the faith

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    my memory sucks like a fish’s.
    anyways, millions thanks to your hard work, to fulfill fan’s desires for more news and interesting stuff!!.and because of that I (i think many of us )got addicted to this site and now i visit it few times a day and i can’t do my project works and homeworks and stuff.. And i feel somehow happy ’bout that, since i’m a fan of tvxq.
    always keep the faith?.

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    Yoochun 100% fan ❤

    i got his "Always keep the faith" tatto :D!!

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    • hey, I’m from VietNam, n I love Chun too ^^v JCS hwaiting!!!

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    aww i love SYC so much!! ❤
    MORE POWER! and congrats on the Transformation!! <33333 *hugs*

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    Thank you for all your hard works.

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    I want to buy Yuchun’s calender but I don’t know where I can buy. I see “sharingyoochun” up this post, can u for me link? I really want buy it. please! I want have before lunar new year. help me!

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    thanks for the never ending news and pics bout our boys..*kisses* (did my thank you is already late?) words are not enough to describe how happy am i esp. when my inbox is full bout the news of boys from syc..wahh..love it..thanks thanks thanks!! muuahh!!

    Happy hearts day SYC..
    Sharingyoochun.net is D BEST!!

  186. does anyone know if DBSK will make concert in malaysia 2010??

    • it’s 2010-03-07

      and I still got no clue or info about your question ^^

  187. Thanks ! thanks for the hard work!!!
    Sharing Yoochun ROCKS!!!
    DBSK we are international fans!!! don’t forget about us!!! 😀

  188. i’ve been visiting this site EVERYDAY for a few months now. thanks for being my tohoshinki bible. hahahaha

  189. thank you for this. i really love this site. 1st reason is beacuse i love chunnie. kk. and of course, it helps me to know more info about them. ^^,

  190. I have sent several mails to sharingyoochun@gmail.com but I think you didn’t get them…. Actually I don’t know you whether you got them or not…. TT_____TT

    Should I use my Yahoo mail or my Gmail????

    I really want to contribute what I have!!!

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    I wish 5 of them are my boyfriends !
    Please god! make it come true!

  192. Always Keep The Faith^^
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    keep up the good work, so everybody can keep update about our lovely boys XD

    oya, isn’t the owner of blog on blogger is shinta?
    i have read it (all of it, believe me :D) and it make me laugh all night long. nice fanfict

  197. CASSIOPEIA in Viet Nam very love you, very love TVXD and me too, i hope one day TVXQ will go to Viet Nam. remember: TVXQ alway and forever number one in CASSIOPEIA. CASSIOPEIA in Viet Nam and me alway love you and TVXQ! Are you know?!:)

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  199. love ur blog so much…
    thx 4 sharing…

  200. This blog is the best, because the admins are YC lovers… (laughs)… This blog is the starter for my browsing activities on internet… Keep up the good work unnie, u guys are my JJ (Hero)…

  201. Hi everyone!

    I’m Sarrah from Indonesia!!

    I don’t know much ’bout DBSK, but I’m Shinta’s bestfriend :D,
    and I really support her to do the best for this website :D.

    Hi Legra and Chompoo, nice to know you all!

    Love, Sarrah 🙂

    • hello there
      you are Shinta’s bff huh.. nice to know you then ^_^


  202. hello sharingyoochun. just want to drop some love for your site. i so love everything about it… from news to facts to…. just everything. hehe. i;m running a site as well but oh well.. it’s jaejoong and more on fanfics. hehe keep up the goodwork and continue everything. coz…. you’re the best…. and please dont kill me for not usually droppin comments.. keke <3lilies

    • we really feel loved by your comment and thanks so much for stopping by

      *kisses u*

      good luck with your site dear


  203. i super love dbsk!

  204. 東方神起 ユチョン ジュンス来日です!
    TVXQ Xiah・ Yuchun is Japan!

    東方神起 ユチョンとジュンスが来日しました~!

    Yuchun Jung visited Japan and TVXQ!
    Korean reporters, “Someya,” Mr., it is encountered at Haneda Airport.

    twitter(Mr Someya)
    If at Haneda Airport, Yuchun and Junsu met. Today, Japan. It is entirely coincidental.

    Junsu is wearing a mask, sunglasses were Yuchun

  205. rehearsal sneak a-nation report!


  206. 【WEB】TODAY8/26 13:00〜,U-Know appear in 「haru」 press conference live broadcasting by Gyao!*ma (PC)


  207. i find cass’s gallery!…*fan art*
    so cute!…share with you and hope you like it!…
    i love sharingyoochun

  208. UU…..love this pic of Yoochun!!
    Sorry it’s TOO late to say this but “WELCOME!” really, you’ve done a great job with all of these and i’m really happy to get the latest news about TVXQ!!! Btw, TVXQ Fighting!!!
    I hope to be looking forward to know more info about our TVXQ!!! Sharing Yoochun Rocks!!! yei!! lol I’m sure that people from all around the world is reading all these and are glad to have SYC as a source to know about the events and activities of TVXQ!!!
    TVXQ, Cassiopeias, and SYC (which you are Cassies of course), Fighting!!!


  210. Hi! I’m shiori, from japan.
    This is my first time visiting you.
    I’m a fan of TVXQ♪ most of jaejung!!(^^*)
    but this time,,, I’m very sad about jyj couldn’t
    sing more in japan….(;_;)

    I’m very glad finding out your blog!!
    I wish if you could be my friend♪
    and thanks for reading.

    shiori (^ー^)ノシ

  211. nice to know you shiori
    I’m Raoua i’m from Tunisia
    me too this is my first time here
    i hope i mmet new friends
    who are cassies and dbsk’s fans :)))

    • Dear,Raoua
      nice to know you too♪♪
      and thankU for the reply!!
      think my english is not so good. sorry(._.;)
      well, i wonder if you’re going to the concert.
      the world tour of JYJ.

      and,are you cassies?
      i’m bigeast♪(^^*)

  212. I like your current banner. The text is so touching ❤

  213. D,Kimmie Jung

    your banner is so nice too.
    pictures are so beautiful!! luv it☆
    is that you on the pic?

  214. I just wanted to say I love your homin header…..

  215. Thanx

  216. Chunnie is gorgeous and adorable, be it long hair or short hair. Sometimes i wud have this battle within me for there were times I like his long hair, but then when I looked back at this short hair, I can’t help but to fall in love with it too, so I decided to give up, I love whatever that is about him and related to him. Must I be a crazy a fan of him? Yes, he’s Micky Yoo Chun, so so so so so so lovable, funny, charming, playful and beautiful dimples and smiles, so so cant get enough of him. Not to forget his acting skills too, although SKKS is his offcial debut, he did more than a good job, more than I could have imagined, and thanks to Yoo Chun’s acting, I get to fall in love with Sun Joon, lolz!

    Chunnie, fighting, we will do our best to support you whatever way we can!

    Thank you!

  217. thanks. nice banner…I would love updates on yoo chun!

  218. […] About SharingYoochun […]

  219. Hi, I’m new here. I just want to thank SYC for this. You rock! Being an international fan makes it hard to find info about them. Thanks again!

  220. hello!!!!!!!allow me to get acquainted forum

  221. ai goo !!
    hehehehe… he’s sooooooo CUTE !!!
    Love Him so much…
    Keep up the Good Work Guys.. !!!

  222. he everyone, how are you all doing?? I really love your blog and now it became the 1st website I check once I wake up *actually now it’s the boys twitter* ^^’

    I just wanted to ask, if I have any news or a project I want to promote through you or ask for your help how can I do that??

    thank you so much for all the great job and all the efforts you do, cassies love you 3

  223. i tried to have cute expression like him,..i fail to be cute like him even i wuz a girl….maaaa…chunnie is thousand million cute than a cat….~

  224. i wish to be by his side,..always keep the smile =P so kind and playful…hehhecks

  225. ahhhhhh, so so lovely. forever love Micky YooChun

  226. fighting!!

  227. Hey, Im from malaysia. Just wanna thanks u guys for doing all the stuff here… I practically found this blog when I visited someone’s blog ( whom i dont know, I just happen to click it since it shows on the yahoo result…..) And the person who wrote about tvxq mention something about tvxq’s members ideal type, she also mention she found out about it on sharingyoochun…so I just search on google about this blog and luckly i found it. My first intention was to read about their ideal type just for fun (which I couldnt find it since your entries are like millions of it, and if u dont mind, can u just tell me what u wrote as the title for that ideal type thing so I cound seach it at the search box…thanx) But then when I saw all the things u’ve post, my eyes was like going to turn into diamond! So, keep it up…Cassieopeia’s u go girls!

  228. http://koreanupdates.com/votekua2010/

    VOTE PPL PLEASE……….. SUJU and ELF are chasing after us……….we want JYJ to be number 1

  229. http://koreanupdates.com/votekua2010/

    VOTE PPL PLEASE……….. SUJU and ELF are chasing after us……….we want JYJ to be number 1 .
    i am wooried now;[

  230. :(. Chun :X:X:X. love u so much

  231. hi,,, i’m new here!! big thanks for your great job about this thread 🙂
    yoochun is the best on KBS drama awards last night…
    best new comer actor, best couple with park min-young and best popularity by netizen,,, daebak!!! love him ^^

  232. The Head and the contents in this blog is totally different….

  233. thx for all sharing ^&^
    i’m newbie ^&^

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  251. continue with the the good work on the blog. I appreciate it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i am sure you got more or better stuff to do , hehe. :p

  252. i love this site!
    all the members r nice and not like crazy fan like others:)
    u guys always have the fastest news posted and it’s really good:)
    sharingyoochun fighting!:)
    i’m a huge fan of dbsk:)
    especially yoochun oppa:)

  253. احبكم كثيرا jyj

  254. yoochun so wonderful..hihihi

  255. wow …………… so cutie

  256. keep up the good work on the blog. I love it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i’m quite sure you got some more or better things to do like we all do. =p

  257. Hello… I’m a big fan of Yoochun… Yeahhhhh…, He’s our dandy smile right? kekeke

    please follow my twitter account @Park_ShinHye just mention me and I’ll follow you back soon…^^


  258. This one looks a bit too simpe for me. Still thanks!

  259. Annyeong! Latest news & everything about our dear DBSK were here. More power to you admins & to this site! ;D

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  266. I love SYC. Really, I do. I visit this site multiple times a day just to see if any news come up about TVXQ/JYJ. This is the only DBSK site I go to now. I just want to thank you guys for posting news on both factions of DBSK5. Thank you thank you THANK YOU and more power!

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