About The Admins

Here comes up and close with SharingYoochun admins ^^

The same Yoochun’s lovers, born around the same years with all Dong Bang boys (1986 to 1988)… we’re just destined to love TVXQ and meet each other.

Yet the most amazing thing is… none of us has the same personality, not even close. The only aspect that is shared among us three is… all of us are hardworkers, work hard play hard XD

We’ll try to explain each of our color related to Yoochun’s. As we all know, Yoochun has three aspects in him:

– hot/sexy
– cute
– mature/wisdom

Apparently, those three represents each of us. Now, here we go…



#1 Chompoo

Full Name: Chompoo Pantila
Nick Name: Chompoo
DOB: March 31st, 1986
Occupation: Technical Analyst
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Mostly in charge in: Video, Fanfic/Ficpic maker, Pictures,News,Moderation, Coordination with anything related about the 5 boys


Just like how Park Yoochun can melt you with his hotness, so does Chompoo. High heels, hot pants, hot babe in the club.

Been declaring herself as a player (lol she’s so bricking me), and well, she actually is the one who has the most experiences in man-woman relationship among us three.

She can be so sweet to ppl whom she loves (Shinta and Legra are included of course ^.^) but she also can’t be more careless to ppl whom she hates. This attitude suits her name best: Chompoo means Rose apple in English dictionary but she told “it’s a weird fruit cuz it can be sweet and bitter in one rose aple tree”. See? that’s how she can be sweet and bitter at the same time also XD

Her favorite phrase when she has problem with someone is “Like I care“.

Thailand is one of the countries that is considered as the official market for most Korean entertainment agency (esp SM Ent). Thus it’s Chompoo’s luck. Together with her cousin Yui, she always spare her time to stalk her favorite Korean artists when they come to Bangkok, including TVXQ.

Since we share Yoochun together, we have schedule to accompany that man. And Chompoo got her turn on Yoochun at 08.00 to 16.00. What can you do around those hours? DATING, of course (but who knows whom she grabs after she finishes with Yoochun… *cough* Yunho and Changmin *cough* XD)

#2 Shinta

Full Name: Shinta Listianti Rahman
Nick Name: Shinta
DOB: February 15th, 1987
Occupation: Accounting Consolidation Analyst
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Mostly in charge in: News writing/translation, Fanfic/Ficpic maker




Shinta sounds as weird name to every non-Indonesians, but it’s a common name in Indonesia. Shinta is the name of Indian goddess who’s known with her beauty both inside and outside and her parents hope that she will have the same character as the goddess. Well, as her current boyfriend is a God (Rising From The East), then she’s now automatically turns into Goddess, ritey?? *everyone ignores* XD

Btw… Park Yoochun’s cuteness will go with this girl.

Been leaving her parent’s house ever since she graduated from junior high school, and the longest time she ever stayed at home after that is only 5 months, doesn’t make her parents treat her like a mature child. And so do all her close friends. And so does she in treating herself.

She still drools over cute dolls, cartoon stationaries, and watches Disney. Eventhough she’s working now, moreover in the most hardcore department of a company ever, she never changes. She’s the only employee there who works with DBSK’s O cartoon hoodie jacket on, hoodie is also on, mp3 on, and singing along the whole day.

Shinta’s turn on Yoochun will be at 16.00 to 00.00. Well, what can you do around that time, hm?? It’s NIGHT TIME, baby… *pervy thought* XD

#3 Legra

Full Name: Siti Nur Hajar
Nick Name: Hajar/Legra
DOB: July 27th, 1988
Occupation: Pre-school teacher
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Mostly in Charge in: Youtube video update, Pictures




A lot of ppl asked her what Legra meant. Le grá means ‘with love‘ in Irish. She always signs off in letters or drawings with it.

Even though she’s the youngest among us, we’re all agree that she’s the most mature and wisdom girl, like ever. She can keeps to manage her sanity well even in her hardest time. “Someone whom you can depend on”, just like the other members said about Yoochun, we also say the same about Legra (but she still can act freakishly kiddish if she wants too, haha, just like Yoochun)

She has a strong leadership which drives her to become “one of the VIP person” in most of her college’s events (well, mostly camps)… and also her common community events. That’s why you can see her promoting TVXQ event in Singapore here and there before ^^

She’s also the artist of SharingYoochun. Banner, greeting card, all of them are her work. Well… as it relates to her study, as it should be her interest, and as both Chompoo and Shinta don’t even bother to learn how to use photoshop XD

Legra’s schedule on Yoochun is 00.00 to 08.00. Well… Yoochun is already tired around that time so they’re just SLEEPING TOGETHER, doing nothing *kicked/bricked/slapped by Legra* (but who knows, she might be seen sleeping with both Changmin and Yoochun at times *get kicked by Chompoo*)

….and along the way, we added new admins

Full Name: Siqi (Sammy) Feng
Nick Name: Xixi/Wasur3naid3
DOB: June 2nd, 1991
Occupation: Walton College of Business freshman, major in International Business, minor in Economics.
Location: Arkansas, United States
Mostly in charge in: News , translation

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

#4 Siqi

Her name, Siqi, is derived from a saying along the lines of learning from what people do well, and avoiding repeating their mistakes. While her English name, Samantha, was literally randomly picked out of a book because she got tired of people calling her “Sushi” XD

Her original Chinese nickname is Xixi, and last year when someone asked her if she was named after the princess from a film, she replied “No, I’m named after watermelon (xigua)” (lol), back then she was told that her parents picked that name because her mom loves watermelons. Only to find out, actually they really did name her after Princess Cici who was pretty popular around the time she was born.

Don’t underestimate her because she looks petite and appears shy, as she can be pretty loud when she gets excited thanks to those hard years as a cheerleader. Though she is majoring in business, her passion is in art. She loves to sketch, photoshop, and paint.

She is a determined person. Whatever she puts her mind to doing, she will give it her best. She’s not afraid of failing, because that is a part of learning.

Since the prior 3 admins are having schedule with Yoochun and basically that man is already fully booked *strangled by Chun*, so she requested to steal Jaejoong away and keep him the whole entire day! But you know who’s she going to head up to…. *grin* *cough*YUNHO!*cough*

#5 Piao

Full Name:
Nick Name: Piao
DOB: June 22nd, 1986
Location: London,UK
Mostly in charge in: News , Vids, Twiiter,Emails,Moderation

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Our mysterious Piao

# 6 Ayu

Full name: Ayumi Samarakoon
Nick Name: Ayu
DOB: August 30th 1992
Occupation: 1st year at University of British Columbia. Major undecided. Mission in life undecided. xP
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Mostly in Charge in: News, Translation

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Please welcome our baby Ayu


  1. lol
    i love the biography story :p
    so all of you are older than me
    should i start call you unnie?

    i love all of your names
    it has deep, sweet, and cute meaning ^^
    especially i have the same name with one of the admin above

    it’s true
    i can feel that legra unnie is more mature than 2 of you XD
    she reminds me of changmin!!

    i love how you schedule yoochun among 3 of you XD
    shinta unnie must be the writer because she gets the perfect “strategic” time
    and i will take jaejoong for myself only 😀

    it’s so nice to get to know you guys
    i hope we can always continue sharing everything about TVXQ together ^^

  2. Chompoo:

    Legra is more mature than us?? *stabs Legra* wahahahaaha it’s nearly 8 am now so Yoochun shall be mine till 4pm :p

    • Can u help me please

      • is there anything I can help you with?

  3. haha i fall from chair while laughing hard reading this. this segment is really great intro urself in this interesting way.

    i must say all of ur writing there is so true. as i’ve been followed u guys nearly 2 years from MP and now here in WP. all Yoochun pic up there really suit and describe all ur personality.

    OMG how u guys are so young and me trapped in this age wanna fangirling also haha. but thanks to u guys my fangirling job more easier.

    ur’s name also have beautiful meaning. its great to know their meaning now. Legra wow with love huh. now i know.

    About the schedule. LOL. i must say we never know what u guys doing with Yoochun hehe but if its divided to u guys equally then how about Junsu and all dbsk member. when will be their time with Yoochun aishhh. haha u know now YooMin love is growing ok. let them share Yoochun too. huhu.

    lastly Yoochun is the 1st member that i fall in love to. but I’m leaving him for u guys and of course leaving him to be with Jae. remember that ok hehe

  4. didn’t know that you girls were soo young…Guess i’ll be the eldest here,huhu…

  5. Its fun reading this…so cool…
    and haha..u 3 are still my unnie…Im only 18 loo~

    among the 3 SharingYoochun unnies..Im very close with Legra unnie…she always help me out…
    and ofcoz other 2 sharingyoochun unnies Chompoo and Shinta unnie are also the best…

    Im happy to know u 3 unnies…I hope we all can meet one day~

    Lots of Love,

  6. Shinta@Jae-sheen:

    you’re right, girl! I’m the writer, but that sharing schedule is decided by Chompoo unni, not me XDD

    It’s my destiny that I have the hottest schedule with him XDD

    @Saliza unni: it’s alright if Changmin wants to share Yoochun in my schedule unni, it’s just… I should be THERE when Changmin has Yoochun, roflmao!

    So I’ll have two hot guys for myself XDDDD

    @ Sue: Yunho, Yoochun, and Jaejoong are known to love elder women, unni… what do you think?? ^^

    ahhh so you’re Legra’s friend.. *ignore you*
    lol kidding babe..

    hope we can meet as well!! ^^

  7. i love the biography! it’s playfully written!
    and i discovered that you are still my unnis..keke
    i’m just 16^^
    and the sharingyoochun schedule is perfect! yoochun and tvxq stalking is all day!
    i love all your names especially i know now what they mean..hekehek
    i love you gals!
    let’s spread tvxq love all over the universe!

  8. Chompoo@Saliza Unnie
    I didn’t think people would give this much attention on our little biography. It means people wanna know us too (how lovely)

    Junsu won’t get to be with Yoochun that much when it comes to SHARINGYOOCHUN’s world *gets stabbed by Junsu*

    Ps. *hands you Jaejoong* HEY JAEJOONG, be nice to Noona okie XD

    I’m the oldest here lol but they all treat me like i’m their little sis!

    @Hannah JJ
    I feel like we “sharingyoochun admin” individually got the secret fans somehow lol nice to know u too dear

    U seem to think we’re not that old but i feel like most of our fans are kinda younger than us (assume by all the love letter to your mailbox)

    I love you too girl and yeah….thanks for at least reading about us lol and u r the only one here who notices sharingyoochun runs 24/7??????????? XD

  9. This is really interesting!!
    Love you guys heaps!!
    I always have to come to this site when I’m online!!
    Thank you so much for all your hardwork!!
    by the way.. you all are still my unnies!! ^^

  10. legra@jae-sheen:
    lol, you really think that i am more mature then chompoo and shinta… bwhahahha…. it’s exactly like changmin right *squeals*

    and what did do wrong… it makes me feel old to think that i am more mature.. lol… it’s 11:53 now… my turn to get yoochun *preparing to snatch him from Shinta*

    @saliza unnie:
    haha… it’s a sweet name right ^^ as sweet as me *chompoo and shinta puking*

    haha, age is just a number, i guess *stares at chompoo*

    eh, hello… wah, long time not talk to you T_T
    see you online alright dear… and then we can spazz more… hehe

    thanks to shinta who comes up with it i guess… she’s a genious with all this…

    haha, you are our stalker huh… just don’t call me unnie ouh so often alright… haha

  11. Chompoo@Legra

    Actions speak louder than words so… *HITS YOU VERY HARD* for staring at me >_<

  12. unnie unniee unnieee ~
    *got kicked by Chompoo/Legra/Shinta UNNIE* xD
    im just kidding ok … : )

    for some reason, you guys make me addicted to SharingYoochun~ and im a chunnie lover too TT TT fine .. i’ll go to junsu ~

    you guys are so funny (esp when being a pervy -*- … lol)

    Chompoo unnie, i thought your name mean PINK O.o ~ but i love to eat Chompoo >_<

  13. Legra..
    Okok.. I won’t called you that word so often!! ^^

  14. wow! a lovely written bio..

    feels like i know u guys in person now,, LOL!
    and yes,, i am definitely older than u guys,,
    *sighs* well, at least yunho, yoochun n jaejoong likes older women,, (like i’d have the chance,,) LOL

    anyway,, luvvvved your lovely bio up there! nice to know u guys,,

  15. haha!!! felt so happy that I still got the chance…
    soulmate is my all time fav couple (gets kick by Yunjae fans),,,,

  16. ~LOLz!!! i luv ur bios!! i’m happy to know abt u guys ^__^
    so only legra is younger than me…that means i can call chompoo & shinta “unnie”!! hee hee
    legra must b “dong seng” rite??
    thx all of u for sharing TVXQ!!! love ya!! ~__~

  17. @Legra, Shinta, Chompoo

    Yos, I got to call all of you “Unnie” 🙂 Will always support all of you 🙂 Eh..by the way.. i am from s’pore 🙂

    Unnie, Fighting! Gambatte! 😛 Loves 🙂

  18. LOL
    what’s the problem if legra unnie more mature ? :p
    isn’t it will make chompoo unnie and shinta unnie look younger?? XD
    really similar with changmin!!hoho

    btw shinta unnie
    2 people have mistaken me as you in facebook ^^;;

    just wonder if the three “honorable” unnie have account in facebook ?

  19. Shinta@Jae-sheen:

    lol really??
    how come? I mean there are so many Shintas in Indo and why do they think that you’re me?

    and I have facebook account, dunno about Legra and Chompoo unni ^^

  20. legra@Jae-sheen:

    i have both… but it’s not active at all… i use facebook for school though so there’s alot of school matters there apart from that, i don’t use it

  21. @ shinta unnie

    maybe it’s because i’m the popular one :p

    may i know your email unnie?

    @ legra unnie
    oh i understand

  22. Chompoo@those who want my face-book account

    I dont think u wanna know it….i use my face-book account to SEDUCE guys lol so i kinda look too sexy there :-p

  23. hahaa.. chompoo unnie..
    now.. i really want to see your facebook page.. (when you say something like this!! ^^)

  24. LOL…. so cute biography when all of u fighting over our cutie dorky Yoochun ^^

    <3<3<3<3<3 u gals and <3<3<3<3<3 sharingyoochun! ^^

  25. Chompoo

    smile shyly. It’s nothing lol

    We didn’t really fight…we share

  26. unnie. its like been 5 months. i keep visiting your website. and to be honest, i love yoochun.
    can you share him with me? hehe=)

    and i am absolutely amazed with your fanfics. LOVE IT.

  27. Chompoo@shamsyuhada

    u know what we’ve just opened our site for 5 months as well. So u r our very 1st fan (mind us calling u fan?)

    Anyway yes let’s share Yoochun together. All of Yoochun girls are kind!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. awww….
    (why am i always start everything with awww?)

    i love to read ur biography,,,three of u…
    it must be so fun can share everything together…

    nice work unni…

    and i love to know means of ur name…
    those have a deep mean…n_____________n

    well since last year…this site is being my favorite…

    u have a great work..(three of u)

    about hotlinker….urgh…why they must be exist???

    well i hope u still hwaiting aja,,,aja,,,about everything,,,,

    for chompoo unni the sexiest…Shinta unni the cutest…and Legra unni,,,the most mature and wisdom….
    i luph u all…thanks u’ve made this really really perfect site…and i can know more about TVXQ more than my friends….
    *bad mode: on*

  29. ahhh,,
    it’s so good to know you,onnie.
    i love this blog,
    it’s the only way i can feel so close with our oppa,
    especially yunho.
    (for me ofcourse,i am a sharingyunho wannabe^^)

    i am an indonesian,
    just like shinta-onnie,
    i’m studying accounting,
    so shinta-onnie is my senior.

    i’d like to say hi to all of you,onnie.


    i like to post an update on my friendster,
    i always get the most news from you.

    i’m a friendster-holic,
    i hate facebook,
    n blogging is not my abilty.

    nomu kamsahamnida for all of you onnie,,
    love sharingyoochun so much.

    i hope we can share together^^

  30. omo~!
    shinta-onnie n chompoo onnie’s birthday will come soon.

  31. legra@zHy :
    it’s fun when we share… but when we fight… gosh… eeeh, wait a minute, have we fought before?!?!

    forget about the hotlinker for now… you have been stalking year for that long
    *hugs you.. kisses you… licks you… wait a minuteeeee* *get smakck/bash/kick*


    k, what should i call you actually?! tari or ai?!
    thank you for “stalking” our site all day long…
    wah… shinta and you same study… if you need help just ask her alright… SHINTA WILL HELP YOU WILLINGLY

    *shinta “say what.. WHAT! *kicks legra*

    friendster/facebook/myspace/etc… all i have.. but there’s nothing there… LOL…

    anyways, who’s brithday is coming up again?! i know nuts

  32. @legra:
    just feel comfortable to call me one of that^^

    i’m so glad u read my comments n have concern about it,
    i really appreciate it^^

    i’ll ask shinta-onnie if i have some problems^^
    is it okay,shinta-onnie?^^

    it’s a lil bit late now,
    i’ll go to bed.


  33. Chompoo

    I am not the sexiest…i’m the most innocent here lol check out sharingyoochun’s fanfic…. very innocent wahahahahaha

    *gets slapped by Shinta and legra*

    U wanna start sharingYUNHO with me? I dont know why when Yoochun was with Shinta or Legra, I’d like to be with Yunho behind Yoochun’s back lol

  34. legra@tari:

    i’m going to call you tari from now on then okay ^^
    about the commenting, well, if i don’t reply i will seem as a cold person right… haha.. no la… it’s fun to reply and interact with people actually ^^

  35. @chompoo-unnie:

    how can i make yunho choose me,
    if you’re here.

    of course^^

    why dont we go with yunho together,,
    i’ll be on his left side,
    n u’ll be on his right side.

    okay? okay?!


    u’re a good admin,unnie.
    3 of you are nice!!

  36. legra:

    *smack/bash/kick chompoo*

    anyways, i’m liking changmin more and more too ^^… hehe

  37. Lemme share Yoochun too<3

  38. ^_^

    u guyS are the beSt!!
    i dunnO hOw to expresS my gratitude.
    thank yOu 4 everything!
    thank yOu sOOoo much!

  39. of course you can chompoo unnie. and i’ll call you girls, unnie.

    and thank you.. for sharing yoochun with me. hehe=)

    keep up the hard work, unnies!

  40. legra, is it the same legra that i know @ LA’s blogspot??

  41. legra@Naomi:
    haha… k, you take which part?! I’m taking his heart… hehe

    @the eYe:
    (^_^)p FIGHTING to you
    Thanks for the encouragement!

    haha… Lee An huh.. yup… the same legra… you’re LA fan too is it… HIHI!

  42. aha! i knew it!
    hi legra! *waves*

    i just found out this blog yst,
    and it’s a surprise to see u here..

    i’ll definitely be a regular stalker here from now on… hahaha…

    this blog is famous u know…
    i got news bout the boys in forums, and many of it comes from here…
    keep up the good jobs girls!! ^^

  43. yesterday… hehe… welcome to the blog then
    *gives you a huge hug*
    you’re LA fan from indon is it?!

    so cool… to know you both here and there
    as you know, i’m always there (on LA site) when no one is around… LOL

    famous huh… you make me happy since i was so damn stress… hehe… weeeeeeeeeee
    see you around

  44. yeah.. i’m from indonesia…
    i read about ur online schedule…
    boy, r u a kalong?! hahaa…
    when will u sleep?? XD

  45. Shinta:

    woooaahh been a long time since I take a peek to this page, hahaha

    @Tari: hoho I’m no good in accounting *WHAT?! how can you graduate?!* hehehehe I graduated is miracle, baby.. I graduate with “over expectation” status is above miracle, lol

    coz I dun like accounting at all, yet I’m stuck in it.

    but if I can help you with the study, let me know 😀

    @Noizumi: lol
    we dont need to sleep when Yoochun is with us XDDDD

  46. noizumi:

    what do you mean by kalong?!
    that word i don’t know
    but anyways… yah, my schedule is like waaaaaaay weird right… but hey, as a matter of fact, that time is when i am really awake.. like now… haha… i always sleep in the morning and wake at night ^_^

  47. aw, i totally love the bio.. =)

    i agree with it too^^ so proud of your achievments,..

    loves you 3!!♥

    you’re all one of my greatest of friends.. =)

  48. legra:

    i just realize one thing… this sentence here…

    “Yet the most amazing thing is… none of us has the same personality, not even close. The only aspect that is shared among us three is… all of us are hardworkers, work hard play hard XD”

    none of us have the same personality huh… come to think about it, me and chompoo are like twins actually… we think alike most of the time, like the same thing… horny as can be (oops)… we used and we still at times call each other twins… hmm, so does that make us have the same personality at times?! LOL

    okay, ignore me… it’s just that it’s 6:30 am now… the number of hours i’ve slept for the pass three days is lesser the 6 hours… and i’ve come here to destress… i can do that right ^^

    i’ve just realise one thing… to make myself less stress, crying do helps! so anybody out there who’s going as far nuts as me, cry your heart out!
    and scream too… afraid that people will hear, wel cover your mouth with a blanket then…


    by the way, Hi KRISSY!

  49. shinta onnie.. XDD
    Indonesian too? same here! *high five*
    and Chompoo + Legra onnie, nice to meet you!!
    *waves2* teehee~ :))
    i love the bios anyway.. XDDDD
    share yoochun with me too, please? *puppy eyes*

  50. hye shinta, i am jc here.
    shinta, help me!! plz..

    i am staying in jakarta and i really wanna know where can i get dbsk original cd and dvd and also the poster and merchandise??

    i went to Mall Ciputra Land, but most of the cd are from china, and it is not the same as the cd from korea. and the photobook is always sold out. are there any other shops in jkarta where i can buy?

    and i really wanna buy their photobook, tshirts too. hope you can help me ya..thank u =)

  51. Shinta:

    @dphee: hi there 😀

    Nice to meet a lot of Indonesian here ^^

    @JC: I already emailed you alright ^^

  52. @ Legra-unnie:

    i’m so worried about you,
    please have more REST okay?
    aja aja~!!
    wish the best for your study!!
    please have some rest okay??
    u’re the best i ever know,
    u gals are the best!!!

    n U-KNOW WHAT??
    i always love SYC banner.
    i wish i can be as pro as you in photoshop.

    “Accounting Consolidation Analyst”

    how can u say that you’re not good at accounting!
    is it okay if i ask u about accounting at this blog?
    i think everyone will get mad of me.
    i’m so happy that FINALLY you reply my comment^^
    before this,
    i already meet Legra n Chomppo-unnie,
    but never meet you here.

    i’m a newbie at jakarta,
    can i know where i can find the dvd n vcd of the boys too here,please?

    thanks so much unnie,
    i’m SO GLAD that u already reply me.

  53. anyway FYI:
    kalong is a kind of animal that stay awake at night, this word is only used at indonesia.

    i wonder who ask about this word?
    is it you legra-unnie?

  54. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shinta! i don’t know where to post a b-day comment for u, so i decided to just post it here wkwkw

    i miss you! love you a lot♥

  55. hahaha… Tari, legra ask that cos i started it…
    but she knows it already… ^^

    happy bday shinta~

  56. Shinta:

    @Tari: lol sorry if it takes me so long to reply you…

    I use broadband connection here in my flat, and it’s soooo slowwww… using that to update this blog is already a pain.. I cant really open any pages I want due to the lack of speed.

    btw, I already emailed you about how to buy DBSK stuffs from Indo, okay ^^

    PS: hahaha my job title is sooooo classy, huh?? XDDD

    I work in Astra International, you should know that company?? please visit me whenever you’re there. I’ll be glad to meet you in person 🙂



    I miss you a lot!!!!!!

    thank you for the greeting 🙂 why is it so early you greet me? lol you’re just like my real-life friends, love to greet me on valentine’s day.. ha ha my bday is just today, one day after v-day 😀


    thanks dear 🙂

    and lol. alright. kalong it is XD
    kalong is almost the same like bat, right???
    but it eats only fruits???

  57. happy birthday,SHINTA…

    May god bless you with lots of love…

    Unnie will be sending YOOCHUN to you right away,
    (well,of course in ur wildest dream)!!! HUHU

  58. happy birthday to shinta unnie~

  59. @Shinta-unnie:

    U use the broadband conn to update this page??
    omGee,i cant imagine how long that it takes,
    coz i use it too in my rented room here..
    n it takes TOO LOOOOOOONG time to view the complete page,
    n it’ll take longer if the page is fulled by picts.
    n of course i cant download anything.

    i’ve already read your e-mail,
    thx unnie^^
    it really helps!
    n i alrady sent you another question,
    hope u’ll answer it too..

    u work there,
    of course!
    i’ll find you if i have any problems.
    gyaaa~! so happy^^
    i wonder where are you graduated from,
    which university..

    n i’l say this once again,
    selamat ulang tahun unnie,
    saengil chukha..

  60. legra@tari:

    yah… i was the one who asked about the word… if it means “bat” then in malay we say it as “kelawar” ^_^

  61. i love hanging around here

    wiv all your updates

    more love how u girls doing a fanfic/ficpic

    laugh laugh and laugh everytime i read it
    hard to stop *somebody gonna help me how to stop* XD

    and btw, i really wanna know how to buy some
    dbsk’s stuff from Indo, Thailand and Singapore
    cz here, in Malaysia kinda hard to find it
    well i will find it!! ^0^

    thank you for all the info and updates abt dbsk’s
    keep working and may GOD always bless u all ^^

    *so kind of me* LOL
    kekeke XD

  62. hi
    really glad 2 know ’bout the admins….i dont know that u’r in that ages:D[sr, i didnt meant 2 hurt anyone] cuz ur typpin’, the way u wrote on this web s really cute, naturally, friendly… jst like teenies:D. [Cuz many ppl in ur ages -like my bro z really mature, hard 2 talking to:D]
    Im zang, 16 ,vietnamese… glad 2 make friends wit u:D
    the one i love 1st is yoochun in dbsk. so i really like ur site cuz it’s almost ’bout that cutie mem:X…

  63. Hello,

    I am new one here. I really love your work. Thank you very much. I hope i can get many new good friends here.

    Love you all!!!

  64. Chompoo@skymoe7

    welcome to our SYC, comment more to get to know each other more dear


    AWw *smile shyly* there’s no online shop in M’sia? Maybe i can help u find the link

    We’re too naughty to be 16 but….. yeah we’re not that teenager (but are we considered AJUMMAS?) lol

  65. lolx
    syc admins are really interesting
    i dont know how to thank u guys for sharing news,pics and other things here
    seeing their pics make my day gone better
    love this wonderful site ❤

    thx a million~!
    love u guys <3333 *hugs*

  66. All of you have cute names xD

  67. legra@Niee:

    we are interesting aren’t we
    just come by now and than and chat with us if you have the time
    it’s really nice to chat and have fun now and then right ^_^

    thank you ^_^

    • unnie !! urgent news !! im trying to find a way to contact you ,. i hope u get this.

      TVXQ not allowed to continue group activities? Nov. 1 2009

      SM Entertainment will hold a press conference today regarding the conflict with TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki.

      Lawyers of SM Entertainment said:

      “The court’s ruling for TVXQ is not fair. They didn’t consider the main reasons of the case. Their long contract is so that we can let them grow and have a long term deal with them. We want to look at their career in the long run and the court’s decision is not letting us do that. This is going to affect TVXQ’s international promotions. It’ll also create confusion for stars that want to have long term contracts and move on to bigger things later in their careers and for the companies that want to nurture talented people for a longer time. Not only that, it’ll have some unwanted consequences on exports of Korean music as well as other issues.”

      They continued to say:

      “Each year, we adjusted the contracts in favor of the members. Before this problem, the three members never complained about anything. Now that they have succeeded this much, they are complaining. They have just started to reach the top and now want to separate. Before a final decision is made, the three can do their personal and individual work. However, we did not acknowledge the right for the three to work as TVXQ.”

      Because of all this, TVXQ has not been able to work and SM Entertainment will seek to receive compensation for damages during the time that TVXQ has been inactive.

      Stay tuned for more information from the press conference.

      Source: The Star Chosun

      I havent seen this here yet..IS this so unnie ??? T_T

  68. wow..
    i juz found dat there’s web site like dis..*so late!~_~
    btw, am i been invite 2 dis yoochun’s lover sea?..
    (included me)
    your page is really attractive..

  69. legra@aqulah:

    hey there
    welcome to the site
    come visit more often and chat with us too alright

    you’re a yoochun lover huh

  70. Hi !! I’m Ploy or plosoul ^^

    I’m from Thailand, nice to know this site.

    Let’s spread the love of TVXQ .. Oh GODD i like this words

    PS .. I love TVXQ especially for KimJunsu ^^ keke

  71. i’m started to like this sharing yoochun..
    well, we could be friend someday?

  72. Chompoo


    yeah let’s spred the love (nice to get to know u i am from Thailand too)

    @kim junri
    YES let’s be FRIENDSSSSSSSSS *hugs*

  73. Ahhh, shinta orang indo juga yaaayyy!!!!

    I’m an indo too and the same age as you but I’m currently studying in canada. So I thank you for putting up a blog like this where no traces of dbsk fandom can be seen or heard in the town of Ottawa.

    Haha, I’m a jae fan but I love the soulmate couple.
    I think they’re the hottest thing in the world.

    It’s awesome that all three of you are from different countries but are sharing this site. Big props to you.
    Gotta find some more dong-bang-ing, i mean, dbsk-lovin.

    • oh why hello, i was in ottawa last week for holidays and i’m indo too !!! nice to meet you alll !!!

  74. LOL! love the way you guys wrote about each other! so creative (with the actions as well!). the 1st thing i fell in love about Yoochun is his HUSKY voice! LOL! i do not know much about his personality yet, so please tell me more! thanks a lot.

    I am of the same age as Legra. and i do not understand korean! so, i only listen to the boys’ japanese songs. XP

    to Chompoo, Shinta, & Legra, keep up the good work for this blog! 😀

  75. 오빠 너무 귀엽다 ^ ^
    태국 카시오페아예요…
    보고 싶은데~~~

  76. i did not said that u’r ajumas;)) for sure…
    jst like my friends…. the ones funny n have same beats of heart w me when catchin yc eyes…. hehe
    r u wit me;))…
    seems like there’s rarely have vnese in ur site..
    a bit upset…. but we have the same love, same eyes reach to the boys… rite?…

  77. hi2….
    I’m from indo…same as shinta^U^..but currently studying in singapore…
    nice to know u guys…
    recently, I always check on ur blog to see where & what dbsk are doin…Btw, thanks 4 sharing all the news about them^U^

  78. just curious, how did the 3 of u meet? n started this page together?

  79. oh.. i just saw the answer to my question on “about sharingyoochun”. hehhe..


  81. whats the name of the font ur using? the “happy birthday” font

  82. legra@Dee:

    from singapore to canada… hihi…^_^
    even though we’re from diff country, the joy of music brought us all together right…. i love yoosu and soulmates… in fact, i love all couples!


    hello there…we’re of the same age huh… nice…. anyways, you like yoochun husky voice first huh, same same… *hi 5*… but about his personality, what do you want to know about it…


    hihi…. thai cassie huh… same as chompoo then

    ouh, we do have vietnamese in the site… just that they rarely comment… they do message though… cause some of them came from our own multiply site you see, so they comment here or there

    ouh, you’re studying here in singapore… where are you studying then?

    haha, yah, we’re from multiply… that’s how we meet… nice to meet you 😀

    the font huh… if i’m not wrong, it’s Yunho’s font… the font is the original cassie font meant for yunho… it’s called SMYunho… LOL

  83. Chompoo onnie!!!!

    I’ve been looking for ur email everywhere in ur multiply… there’s something I wanna ask… kinda emergency thing… onnie can I ask for ur email??!! T^T

  84. @Chompoo-unnie:
    i’m late,really sorry~
    but i’d like to say saengil chuka hamnida~
    happy birthday chompoo-unnie.

    wish all the best for you,
    and thanks for all you n other admins have done at this blog.
    hope u always know that we love you,all the admins,n this blog so much.

    happy birthday!!

  85. legra@NY:

    hmmm, i’m not sure if i’m allowed to give you chompoo’s mail… but then again, if you wanna reach her, you can email her at sharingyoochun@gmail.com
    i bet you wanna ask her about the bangkok concert right ^_^


    awww. thaat’s so sweet of you
    well, even if we’re here and there’s no you, this fandom won’t be much of a success either right

  86. @Legra:

    Oh gosh silly me, how come I didnt see that email over there?!! *point up* XD
    And yup I juz wanna ask her abt the BK con XD thax for ur fast rep Legra! ^^

  87. Happy Belated Birthday Chompoo~~!!
    Sorry..for dis late wish..
    All Da Best Wishes for U Unnie!!

  88. @legra :
    i’m studying at nafa.. 3rd year student, hehehe ^U^
    .. btw, where r u studying?

  89. Annyeong Legra, Shinta & Chompoo…

    I’m really glad I get to know you 3 wonderful yeodongseangs (sisters- coz I’m older than all 3 of you).
    A fantastic bio of yourselves (yoochun lovers) as well as nice planned out schedule to share him among 3 of you. *Kekeke*
    I must applaud your talents for making this website the best ever!! Jjangg!!! *clapping ecstaticly*

    I really hope we can meet up someday, maybe in the coming Bangkok concert – cause its really amazing of how DBSk can actually bring different people from different parts of the globe together with one common love!!! I am sooo going to their concert..so sad I’m gg aloneeee….you girls going??

    Shita & Chompoo – Job well done Bravo!!!

    Legra – Creative brainy…kudos!! Do you have a personal email..since I learnt that you’re from Spore too…I want to ask you regarding the concert laa… =D

    My email: anasha18@hotmail.com

  90. sweet!

    you girls should post pictures of you mimicking the micky!

    @chompoo – see you on msn!

  91. hey admins! u guys are doing a great job. thanks so much for keeping the website constantly updated!! ^^

  92. @ Shinta :

    R u saying u work at Astra International??
    Is it Astra Graphia????

    If no, it means i’m mistake..

    But if yes, whoa!!!
    My father work at that place too!!!

    What an accidental..

  93. hello…

  94. @Legra:

    I dont know if i should ask abt this here but i need ur help Legra!!

    Ok, so my sis will go to Sing next week and I wanna ask her buying The Secret Code album for me there… i know im late but the Sing ver is always way cheaper than the Japan one… T^T

    Is The Secret Code (2cd+dvd) Sing ver still in stock??!! And do u know how much is it??!! I rem last time I bought the T album (2cd+2dvd) in Sing with abt 28 SGD only… I wanna buy a few for me and my friends…
    But where can i get this? Do all the big CD shops in Takashimaya and shopping centers along Orchard road sell this album??!!

    And btw i wanna ask abt Boa Us album… sorry for the non-DBSK-relate here but I also wanna buy it in Sing this time…

    Thax in adance Legra… ^^

  95. WOOW you wrote a really nice biography about you guyz

    i really enjoyed reading it ^^

    and you are sharning my twin bro with out my permition bad unnie (just kidding lol we just have the same birthday but i am 4th june 1996 , and we also share the same blood type)

    hehe xD i am really addicted to your site lol i cant go to skool before i check for updates on sharingyoochun xP

    and i am a really big fans of you and esp. your fan fics they are freakin funny xDD

    god bless you all ^^

    thanx again for this amazing site

    bye bye

  96. wow..great intro gys..huu..im juz too curious.how u guys met?history?
    keep up da good work babe..:)

  97. legra@yNa:

    me, i’ve just graduated from temasek poly


    annyong… sure i have msn… i’ll add you up then alright ^_^

    well, i don’t mind posting my pics up… haha, infact, i did mimic the pic… hehe

    ive send you a mail… ^_^

    we meet in multiply… that’s all… everything starts from there…


  99. hello legra, shinta & chompoo! 🙂

    i really had a great time reading your bios^^

    you three seem to me like sisters than just friends who met @ multiply 😉

    thanks for this blog & please do continue posting just anything TVXQish! ❤

    i absolutely love the fanfic/ficpic section! actually my first time to see ficpics! and i enjoyed everything ladies! (sorry to all who are underage..hehe 😛 ) thanks so much! keep ’em coming, okie? ^^

    glad to discover this awesome site^^

    take care everyone!

    • legra:

      hey there…
      we’ve known each other for quite some time now… so yeah ^__^
      thanks for loving the site ^__^
      and see you around!

  100. you guys are awesome, thx for updating and keeping us dbsk stalkers in track with the news!

    • legra:

      glad to know that you love it and see you around alright ^__^

  101. haha,..this is soo cute..^^
    i envy u guy that u can make such a proper site and everything…i wish i can put my life into loving dbsk…i try so hard…but its never enough…HELP ME chompoo, legra and yui..><
    and i LOVE all ur names..really cute and meaningful…and i REALLY thank u guys for taking so much time and effort into making all this..^^

    • legra:

      well, it does take lots of commitment but it’s all about the passion theree ^__^
      you forgot Shinta there… Yui, is chompoo cousin… haha

  102. wooow i love your concepts, its very interesting! keep up the goodwork ^^

    • legra:

      thanks and see ya!

  103. i admire your writing skills and dedication to dbsk…atta girls! spread the dbsk love..thanks for sharing it to us 🙂

    • legra:

      no probs and see you around alright ^_^

  104. I always have to come to this site when I’m online!!

    I love this website…

    I love yoochun….

    thank you so much for….

    your sharing…

    updating news file photo…etc.

    all your hardwork…


    • aja aja!

  105. MICKY ILUPH U…….
    “DBSK” figting…..^_^

    • sha yo0chun + “ring” = sharingyoochn
      k, lame
      *get smack*

      • All together we will make it just try and get a touch.

  106. Haha ^__^
    The Biography was fun to read :3
    Heke I love your blog~
    Heke SYC fighting!

    *drops comment and flees*

  107. @SYC admin:
    i got my ticket for their bangkok concert!! so excited. i’m going for sunday’s concert. i read that it’s a nightmare to get a taxi after the concert ends. how long do u reckon i’d have to wait to grab a taxi to the airport

    • oh.. one more thing… r there places at/around impact arena for food? i’m going there just for the concert n not gonna be going anywhere else..

      • ooouh, i shall ask chompoo to answer this then ^__^

  108. i love u yoochu……….

    • legra:

      and what about us!?

  109. oookaay i love sharingyoochun! ❤
    shinta unnie, you have same birthday like me 🙂
    and im from indonesia too! i know your sister, lol~
    im too over-acted!
    anyways, i hope you guys can keep yoochun alive in this wordpress 😀

    • legra:

      wah, you know shinta’s sister… she must have introduce you here right ?! ^__^

  110. 전 한국인인데..
    여기 영어로 쓰신 분들 다 미국인들이세요 ??

    • Noo! not because they use english theya are all americans. they are all from different countries! ^^

    • legra:

      아니요. 제가 싱가포르사람어요.
      Shinta씨 인도네시아 사람어요.
      Chompoo씨 태국 사람어요.

      • ohh!! legra onni.. can u speak korean? thats so cool!! =D

      • LOL!
        i’m not actually good if you can read my sentence…

      • but we can understand . thats the important thing! lol ^^

      • legra:

        quite true ^__^
        i am never strong with particles….
        not in jap, italian or any other language that i have taken before!

  111. 아.. 반가워요!
    한국말로 써도 되는 건가요?

    • 다들 동방신기 좋아하세요 ??♡

      • legra:

        네, 동방 좋아해요. ♥

  112. first time i’m visit this blog is 6 month ago
    but this is the first time i read about your Biografy
    *feelling quilty*

    You guy’s very welcome and friendly here
    and i feel like home XDD

    @ Shinta:
    you work at Astra International in Sunter?
    wow it’s near from my place
    i live at kelapa gading
    maybe we can meet someday ^^

    i read about oldest comment up here
    can you tell/email me
    where i can find about TVXQ stuff
    Thank you very much <33

  113. OoOoO I get to know more about SC unnies!

    And I’ve been stalking this site…since… February?! lol ^_^;

    You will be seeing my comments more often now.

    *kidnaps YooSu*

    • hi hi there…
      will be looking forward to more of your comments then ^_^

  114. I like this blog.
    I relized that You are my sisters.Oh I was born in 1992.
    thanks all admins.You are too great.

    • born in 1992 huh
      dun worry then
      you will never be the oldest anywhere… haha

  115. you girls are awesome!

    if i ever go to asia, we so should hang out.

    im so glad im not the only 21yr old-ish loving tvxq! XD

    • you got three asia countries to choose from then
      where are you from by the way?!

  116. thanks 4 sharing..
    i’m so glad that i found this website.
    I come from Malaysia,but right now i’m studying in japan…next month is tohoshinki final concert in tokyo dome..I really want to go but I can’t..my final exam is just around the corner…so sad….
    but i will buy their dvd…
    Legra’s real name is Siti Nur Hajar..are malay?
    can you speak malay?….just curious…hihihi…
    I’m a Malay…
    lastly,thank you very much for sharing..

    • oooooooooooooooooooouh cool japan!
      so you know jap then right ^_^

      anyyways, yes i’m a malay
      weirdly, alot of people think i’m not

      • i know jap..
        but my jap is not really that good..because i just came to japan march this year…
        but still i can survive living in japan… ^_^

        i’m so happy that TVXQ are so active in japan…
        because i can understand what they say..
        i like their japanese gag.
        now,i’m a bigeast member
        it’s my dream to join their fanclub
        ahhhh….so happy that i can join their fanclub.

        i really like your blog..
        it always brighten my day
        thank u so much!!!!!!!!

  117. gya..i thought that SYC’s admins come from different country, i thought all of you live in thailand hehe, im indonesian actually so i’m a bit surprised to know that shinta come from indonesia..

    woah so all of you study japanese and korean language? thats great XD

    thanks for sharing all of the informationn!

    • you mean all of us came from the same country is it?!

      nice to know you then jessie

  118. Wow…this is the first time I feel…how a biography story can be so interesting?? I even read it twice…

    3 yoochun lovers….u guys so awesome ^^

    keep ur good work ya.. (I hope forever hehehe)

  119. the biographys are really interesting! and the pictures suit with your personalities !!! ^^
    thanks so much unnies I love your blog! you are the best!! <3<3<3
    mmm…. so Jae likes girls that are older than him? (i was born on 08/1993 ) T____T my cousin likes him too and she is younger than me T____T

  120. wow, this site is awesome! hihi
    dongbang’s everywhere uhuhu

    Shinta unni, i’m from Jakarta too 😀
    nice to know the staff,

    is this site doesn’t have a graphic designer, unnie?
    hihi i hope i can hehe


    • hey there
      this is legra here
      welcome to the site ^_^

      anyways, yeah, this site does have a graphic designer…
      me..but i am one heck of a lazy girl… haha

      anyways, our one year anniversary is coming… you can contribute something if you want too ^_^

  121. hihi
    thank you onni^^

    emh, how i can show you the graphic?
    email? or just share the link here?

  122. ^
    thank you onni^^

    emh, how i can show you the graphic?
    email? or just share the link here?

    (it’s me Anit, with another account hihi)

  123. I just want to ask..lol

    Is that shinta on the blog name
    yoochunnies angel?

    Because i wonder from the start
    i found this site what is the looks of
    the admin here because im curious..

    And then im searching about jaejoong in yahoo
    and i found a blog saying goodbye
    and it says she can be found also in


    • legra

      yeah that is her
      but then *shhhhhhhhhhhhhh* about the that site alright…

      • Oh i see,..

        So that is shinta…

        Now i know what is the looks
        of shinta,..

        How about chompoo and you
        don’t you want us to see
        the beautiful admins,..

        We all know that your site is
        getting famous i think its
        time to reveal who is
        chompoo,shinta and legra..

      • haha
        if you are quite free enough to view my multiply
        you’ll know what i look like…


      • oh well well

        me i already saw the 3 admins ahahha



        …finally i saw ur faces ahhaha!!…

  124. …ellow…




    …do u have any friendster…
    …so i can add u up??…

  125. Woah. I didnt bother reading this part of this website here. Only now that I know Legra is a Malay and lives in Singapore. Which part of Singapore do you live in dear ? Maybe we can meet up one day. Boleh kan kan kannn ?


    ❤ this page loadsss.

    • sure why not
      i live in the east though


  126. i always wondering how u guy met and create this blog? i mean, u guys are come from different countries..
    i have been calling u guys unnie while i’m the same age with shinta..heheheh

    i’m salute legra for willingly stay up til morning to update us..don’t u need to sleep before ready to school?

    btw, shinta..aq jg org indo lho..haahahahha..nice to meet u ^^

    • we meet online… haha
      surely coming from diff country makes it harder to communicate but what’s the internet and phone for then right ^^

      well, before… when i was still schooling… i was a happy go lucky girl… i have been sleeping late almost half of my life already… usually, my class starts at 12pm… but if i do have a 9am class… i would request for the afternoon class or just crash the afternoon class… well, we’re quite close to the lecturers so as long as you’re in their classes… it’s good.. furthermore, i’m always in school till around 11pm or till i get kick out by the guard… school is like a second home for me.. since i’m a student leader there and also a senior… i have my own space to be in.. haha

      but for now, since i’ve graduated and unemployed.. i am leading a carefree life… haha

  127. Happy Birthday dearrrrrr Legra!!!!! With love to the MAXXXXXX !!! UKNOW that i wish u will always be cute like a MICKY mouse xD , cuz of u and the staffs, we have SYC , which is our HERO!! keep rocking a-XIAH u guys!!! heheheheeh i will always support SYC! thank u for all of ur hardwork and updates 🙂

    • haha… omg… that is so creative…
      thanks for the wish dear ^^

  128. dear Admin Shinta,

    I’m a new dbsk’s fan from jakarta ..
    I’ve read a post from you that you said you had just back from TVXQ Indo gathering..

    How can I join that gathering??
    I really wanna join it and meet other dbsk’s fans in Indonesia..

    thx b4..

    • Shinta:

      you can join http://www.tvxqindo.com/forum .. and you’ll be updated if the admins there are going to hold gatherings or any other events ^^

  129. @ legra

    Oh finally i able to see your pic on

    Our body is kinda similar..lol

    Now its only chompoo
    i didn’t see yet,..

    Anyways thank you…

    • Shinta:


      but when did you see my pic??? O.o???

      • I saw your pic i think last month i think
        when i was searching about JAE and
        when i click one of the option it was
        a blog and there’s a pic on the top of it
        and the last post is a farewell message
        of yours and it says you can be found
        in sharingyoochun.

        So i am sure that it was you because
        you’ve said in your farewell message
        the name of chompoo and legra i think…lol

        You are pretty,actually i save your
        pic in my hard disk but my annoying brother
        deleted all the pic of my hard disk,..

  130. Hi i found this site not long ago, and im so happy i found it!
    ur site is so cool!
    btw nice to meet you guys.

  131. :O OMG I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE WITH THE SAME B’DAY AS ME (just a few years older*

    XD *hi-5 Chompoo unnie ^^*

  132. I laugh so hard on this…

    I envy Shinta unnie so much @ time with Chunnie~

    16:00-00.00??? hahaha lol

    I’m the same age with Legra~ yay!!!

  133. thanks for the site!


  134. my first time reading this!!!! i already saw Shinta’s pic in multiply.

    and i was surprised with Chompoo’s description.. hot babe in the club? woah!! must be Yoochun’s type, isnt it? lol
    wanna see your pic..seriously..
    so your being naughty in your fanfics fits your hotness personality, right? lol

    yeah.. even before i feel that Legra is the serious,mature one and Shinta is the cute little girl..XD

    • Shinta:

      heheheh Kristine! 😀
      I was glad when I saw your id at SYC for the first time ^^

      I cut my hair short now, and my friends said I was downgraded even more to junior high school kiddie right nao O.o;;;;;;

      • hey! ^^ glad you remember me! i’ve been a loyal STALKER of your blog i think for a month. .. and i really regret it..poor me. i think i got confused on how to read all the entries the first time i visit your site last year..so i forgot about your site..T_T glad i found it again finally! ^__^

        really? haha! if Yoochun sees you, you surely can pass as his cutie daughter!! XD

        btw, thanks for a great site!

  135. cute yet quirky self-introductions^^

  136. is that true that dbsk will come to malaysia????
    aaaah please tell me…..
    if true where and when??

    please tell me!!!!

    • I do not think in recent times they will

      their mirotic concert will end in shanghai and I guess that’s it until the legal case is solved

  137. hi all..hehe
    just drop by here while im searching for jaejoong oppa photos on the net..unni!!! is that true that u can contact with dbsk , really?? coz i know that only cassiopeians can do that..T_T..unni , send my regards to jaejoong oppa… T_T

    • No we cant personally contact with DBSK

      who told you that we can do so? hehehe

  138. unnie, they’re going to release an album in the phil. so i’m very happy to hear those to my friend.

    i’m going crazy about this tohoshinki. i want their stuff.haha.

    i love yoochun that i want to send him a gift.

    could you please help me??

    please reply. thanks! 🙂

    • emmmm…. if u have some Korean friends, maybe they can pass it for you ^^

      but I dun think the boys’ apartment address is supposed to be spread all around internet? ^^;;;

      I think the best way to show them ur love is by buying their album and singles, seriously 😀 they’re a artists anyway, what is the best thing can happen to an artist other than their work is being appreciated by people? 😀

  139. @ chompoo unnie:

    unnie!!!i’ll be flying from penang to bangkok today!!!omg,i’m sooooo thrilled! xDDDDD

    i hope i’ll find many tvxq merchandise at a low price there!!!!! xDDDDD


  140. hehe, kakkouuu~
    u all r my unnie~ XD ehhe.. 😀
    great way to write ur bio.. 🙂

    all names have its own meaning…
    rose apple, indian goddes, with love…
    coolll~ XD

    having an international friend and make a wordpress together…
    how great you are.. 🙂
    cool friendship, u know? XD
    i always want to have one friendship like this… 🙂

    hwaiting, sharingyoochunnn~ ^^
    always keep the faithhh~

    shinta-unnie, we’re in the same country…
    i’m in bogor.. ehehe… 😉 *not-important-topic*

  141. thanks for reply….

    i love this blog…..

    fighting unnie!!!!

  142. chompoo-unnieee~ please say my thanks to ur unnie, Kenoa-unnie chan 4 the gif pic.. XD
    jeongmal kamsahamnidaaaaaaa….
    muach muachh~ *hugs n kisses kenoa-unnie chan n all SYC’s authors*

    • i can’t send her a reply from my e-mail.. i dunno why… *sighing…*


  143. It’s very interesting how the 3 of u described urself! Actually, I read about u once b4… I forgot when, but it’s quite a long time ago (…did u change the format? or is it me imagining things?) I really got addicted to THSK and to ur site as well. My daily dose is, at least, once a day to visit this site, or else I don’t have enough stamina to face the day! 🙂

    Errr… and talking about age, maybe I’m ur oldest fan here *grins…an ugly grinning face* I assume that none of you here were born in the 60’s, eh? *cough* I know, I know… it’s rather odd, eh? I even wondering myself how could an old woman like me stalks to a boyband site… but well, I couldn’t help it! Coz I’m really crazy madly in luv with THSK… I got the Toho virus since 2007, but it’s gotten worse especially after my hubby moved to other city last year, which is quite far away from the town I live in *LOL* Ah, but still there are my kids and my “grandkid”… and ur site too, to brighten up my days and make my life not that lonely!

    So… Chompoo, Sinta, and Legra I must say: BIG THANKS!!! This BIG ….*spreads my arms as wide as I can* Just keep up the wonderful works of you here… I will continue visit u “my kids” here 🙂

  144. I loved that biography, how come I never read this before? I’ve been checking this site daily for the past 2 months hehe.

    Yay! I have a reason to use the word unnie, i have 2 older sisters but ofcourse saying unnie would just sound wrong hehe.

    Its so cool to see people from so different parts of the world having same interest. I live in the UK. And for the past 6 months or so, I have been trying to learn korean on my own but Progress is kinda slow though.

    I think SYC is just as adicting as TVXQ are hehe 😉

  145. as iv’e been lately addicted to stalking our boys… now i found myself stalking to these fantastic 3! ^o^

    you don’t mind, don’t you?!

    more power to this site! ^o^

  146. i love the site of u guys! sharing information about them. updating information fast.

    btw, i saw this above! “Junsu won’t get to be with Yoochun that much when it comes to SHARINGYOOCHUN’s world ”

    in this case, let me take junsu will do. u guys will yoochun yea?


    Work hard eh! i will add oil for u guys!

    You guys are really great.!!!! 😀

  147. yoochun is soooo sweet..haha
    i do like him a month ago..
    actually, i luv yunho n changmin before..
    now is yoochun turn..hahaaha..

  148. dear..how about the new admin??did you guys found it??

  149. where is piao’s bio? i’m a fan ^__^ been looking forward for her posts.

  150. Wow this is good that there’s new admin
    from different countries.

    Sooner or later all the
    countries in the whole world
    has a representative on this site
    as an admin…

    I felt that she is more into JJ
    than YooChun..lol

    Welcome new admins!!!

  151. i want a schedule with Jae too
    mind if i have him after dark? XD
    *gets kicked*

    a warm welcome to the new admins^^

  152. Siqi is here!!!^^
    i’m happy for you! but please dear, you have Jaejoong the whole day already so better leave MY Yunho alone, oki? uhm, unless if you want to spend some time with him, and if i want to have Jaejoong, well i think that won’t be difficult to settle, right? we can swap you know! hahaha! XD
    as you can see, where ever YunJae is, i am there also! LOL

    congrats to you!^^

    • Haha!!! I just thought of something… If I have Jaejoong the whole day, and if Yunho loves Jaejoong…. he’d be following Jaejoong around the whole time! so it’ll be like Yunjae 24/7!!! and you can join me on watching the show!

  153. awww haha i thougt ur gonna have Sigi share Yoonie with you 3 😀 LOL aww i want jaejoong too!!!

    • Hehe!! Chunnie’s already got a full schedule! besides.. I don’t think I can handle a dolphinator attack! jkjk!

  154. You all are awesome!!! I wish I can be like you guys…i love dbsk so much..whenever i feel stress, when i look at them, they make me feel calm and happy..and i love everything you got here..thank you so much..ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!!! hehe.. SARANGHAE!!!!

  155. @legra

    …thanks bout ur multiply with ur pic ehehehe..
    …bdw who does instanbul like???..

    …well one day u should try to go here in ITALY to0o0o!!…


    • .bdw..


      finally i was able to see shinta and legra!!
      only chompoo that i dind’t see yet!!..


    • legra

      Italy… i’ve been there… years ago actually… can’t remember when.. LOL… acutally, i’ve been travelling yearly… average of twice a year… but lately only once T_T to a far country that is.. if only asia, well… i’ve been to Malaysia and Indonesia alot every year.. haha

      • y dont y tell me if you came to malaysia…
        probably we can meet…

        it nice to meet all the fan here.. we gather together just for DBSK..
        we share the world… we share the music….
        ONE LOVE…DBSK…
        thank you for your hardwork…
        hope it will be forever…

      • @legra
        ..oh really???..
        ..u should go here again.

        …we’ll can also meet and we’ll tour around italy..

        ..ahahhaha l0lz…

    • @[YOOCHUN & JAEJOONG addikted]

      doubt i will go there again… haha… i might go somewhere around europe though.. LOL


      im going malaysia this december.. not sure when.. balik kampung and singgah KL sekejap i guess

      • ohhhhh!! l0lz!!…

        well i’ll recomand amsterdam [holland],,

        it’s such a great city ehhhe!!…


        then if u’ll go tell me huh l0lz!!

        so that we can meet l0lz..

        i like meeting CASSIOPEIA’s!!


  156. kekekeke awesome bio!! xD now.. who’s the most innocent here?

    • legra


  157. Hello. I just started affiliating with you guys and since i like to keep a close contacts with all my affiliates, i started reading your biographies. Glad to see that you girls are all from various countries. International cassies. ❤

    @Chompoo & Shinta: Lol so the both are you are the geniuses behind the whole fanpic thing. I love those kinda posts. Your captions for the pics are always so funny. xD

    @Legra: Wooh and i just realized that you're from Malaysia. xD Im from there too. And im 21 as well! xDD

    @Wasur3naid3: Im majoring in international business too. And lol i love working with photoshop and graphic designing. ❤

    Nice to meet you all, and keep up the good work over at this blog. =)

    • legra

      i’m from Singapore dear not Malaysia… though we were once a country under Malaya.. LOL

      • Omg lol sorry. I just assumed things since i saw you speaking malay sometimes during your replies. xD And somehow i just though that “speaking malay = malaysian”. Haha although im well aware that there are malays in Singapore too. xD

  158. you guys are way to adorable! i love the descriptions of you all! lol! who is the yunjae shipper and wooo hoooo! accounting is the way to go

  159. lol..
    chompoo is thailand?
    legra is singaporean?
    n shinta is indonesian?
    hi neighbours… ^^
    xsangka ada neighbour gak di syc nie [i think shinta n legra noe what i mean]

    to my sammy *waves*
    ur real name is xixi?
    cute ^^

    • legra

      haha… memang tak sangka pun… alah, malaysia, indonesia dan singapore mane ade besar kan.. LOL

      • betul2…
        blh dikatakan serumpun..
        keep it up guys ^^
        keep sharing the news with us

  160. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

    NEW ADMIN!!!!

    Siqi??? ^^
    nice to meet you~

  161. <333!!!!! Yooochunnnnnn

  162. oh! how come there are 5 admins and only 4 bios!! o.o piao?? lol

  163. Hello to sharingyoochun admins!
    First of all, I really like your website. It’s awesome. It satisfies my TVXQ craving for the day. :3

    Anyway, the reason I’m writing to you is that I have a question. If I went somewhere, took pictures, and want to share with everyone on sharingyoochun, how do you want me to submit the pictures? Should I send them to you by email, or something else? Even if it’s sort of old news, I’d like to help by sharing the bit of happiness found in my small part of the world.

    So thank you for all your hard work in maintaining the site! I’ll be waiting for your reply! 🙂

    • just email us sharingyoochun@gmail.com

      and thank u soooo much for visiting our lil site (we’re not the blog, we’re the site now)


      *deep kisses*


  164. Hi!! My Lovely Sharing YooChun
    thanks for sharing all about uri oppa dbsk
    “bow” “bow”
    you are the best guys!!!!
    @shintaL: hi shinta aku juga orang indonesia sng bgt d !!!
    umur km brp???

  165. All of u were born in order ’86-’87-’88…
    So coincidence!
    And it’s great that all of you can become friends, thanks to TVXQ esp our hubby who is shared for everyone, Yoochun….
    You guys are doing a great job, keep up this good work unnie!

  166. hi…
    wondering sigi nickname, wasur3naid3
    Love it so much coz it’s such an emotional song to me ^_^

    i’m a jae joong lover

  167. I like the way the bio was done.

    Very interesting to read on, yet not over filles with facts. 😛

  168. this is so nice to read…

    funny n interesting when u guys introduce u’r self….

    well i guess we have something in common….have the same age with our boys…
    but unfortunately i’m 3 years older than chompoo…heheheheheh….

    and 4 shinta i’m indonesian, nice to know u…

    thanx 4 sharing about our beautiful namja…
    keep on creative…\(^.^)

  169. Hey there~ Cool website you guys got there. Hmmm… I wonder, how do you guys manage to get all those info from. =)

    Anyway, considering myself as “the always too-late-to-realize/likes an already known/famous artist as for only recently I’m addicted to DBSK. Oh, well..like some people might say, Better late than never, right? a_a

    Ohh…by the way, hopefully you guys wouldn’t mind if i download the images that being uploaded tho.

    And, no worries, will acknowledge them if i happened to post them up in any websites like blogs/fb/friendster and etc.. But, mostly it will only be use for personal purpose only such as for computer/mobile phone wallpaper.

    Thank you so much, yea…~

  170. Hey SYC!! I loooovvee your site and it’s the 1st site that I check everytime I come online! Love the way you guys write! Really a way to destress when I come to this site! Keep up the good work! Since yoochun is fully booked now, can I have yunho? LOL!

  171. So, I visit this site religiously several times a day (and night!) and I have yet to read this entire page, but I did today and I’m glad I did!
    I mostly want to say;
    I love you, SYC ❤
    Thank you for being amazing and doing what you do!
    It's so great to find others all around the world with one common interest!

    And to Siqi, Arkansas huh? Neat! If you ever happen to find yourself in Kentucky you should stop by Murray State University and say hi! (There are not other TVXQ fans here 😥 it's no fun being alone) (We were born in the same here! *high-5* I'm a freshman/sophomore at MSU also ^^)


    • Sorry, same year! not ‘here’.. oops..

  172. wow i laern alo about our admins ^^ thanks yu all for yur dedication. n chunnie is taken full time by susu lol

  173. according to previous responses, I would like to ask you..
    “does anyone know where’s place to buy any Toho stuff in Jakarta? I live in Medan but my sisters live in Jakarta..

    anyway, I would like to be your friend ^^ I’m Sara, Indonesian (but don’t really like own country XD) and I’m 13 ^^ I know this page since last year, but I’m starting to ‘love’ this page since July XDyoroshiku ne~

  174. teehee.. I can’t say “I hate” :p idk why..

    aa~ arasseo~ T.T so i must ask money for my sis XD *evil*

    yepp i know it but.. (this stupid gal) doesn’t so understand bout how to use forum XD

    anyway sankyu for reply onnie~ *hugs* *fall asleep*

  175. how to submit source to u guys?
    my msn is tomatosheryl@hotmail.com

  176. hi, I’m wondering about the rumour that Yuchun is coming to Thailand on Monday 11, 2010. Is that true?
    we are so excited about this and waiting for him

  177. Amazing bio. It’s entertaining and I absolutely loved it. =D Nice to see collaborating. Haha. Happens a lot with fanfic design/review/trailer sites. Me and my twinnie collab-d and created SL. =D 😉
    All of you are my unnies! ❤ this site.

  178. ooohh… i’m loving this site more and more… ❤

  179. I love what you guys do! Your always updated with everything.

    You guys are the best keep it up

    Love heaps and much respect Taylor

  180. legra unnie ah ~~~~ ur in singapore rite ?

    i’m studying in sg too …oh …..well , i love SYC and i dun even know that one of 3 cute SYC girls is actually staying in Singapore …

    can i have ur email address ;;) …

  181. waah no admin from malaysia.. i swear there’s so many TVXQ fans in malaysia,i think you guys should find admin from malaysia hhe

    but then I admire SYC admins you guys r genius mainly in fanfic/picfic hha

  182. I’ve been reading this blog for months, but I only start to comment a few days ago, and I only discover this page of admin’s bio NOW !

    *go hiding far far way*

    It’s cool to discover a little more about the girls that makes us so dream with all that pics, and laugh with all that fics (I loooooooooove your ficpic !! Especially Yunjae one)

    And I love your bios XDDD
    Chunnie won’t have to time to get bored with the three of you ^^

    (but, I’m older than all of you T.T
    Older than the boys too… Feels like a grandma)

  183. deym, i can’t help but laugh. this is so witty!
    great names and i’m impressed that you 4 are from different countries W.O.W.

  184. This is the first time I opened this biography after become SYC reader for almost one year….>_<

    but can i ask u smthng unnie???

    who is piao???
    is piao one of SYC admin??

    …anw thank you so much for this site,,, i felt like SYC is my four family…of course after my own family, the boys, and my best friends…^^

    many kisses and hugs for all of u ^_^

    • yes Piao is one of our admin

      ^__^ and thanks so much for always visiting SYC darlin


  185. happy birthday chompoo!

  186. Dear SYC admins…
    I’ve always been adoring ur strong heart and hardwork . I really do…hehehe..

    So many bad news recently and I’m sure u also knows the rumors circulated, and since u have to present the news to us…u have to filter the news…
    And also the fact, u have to looks strong and positive to the readers…=))

    Even though my friends say that I’m overly positive person, i still get lil’bit ‘hurt’ because of these news =)). So then, I thought about u , brave girls…kekekeke. That’s why I’m grateful for you…

    Once again, thank u so much for ur hardwork =))

    Please keep updating us =))

    *hugs and kisses*

  187. my first visit… hehe.. ^^v

  188. Dear Admins,
    i visit this site Everyday, but as a silent reader coz i can not leave a comment from my cellphone, sorry…

    i’m your Biased for the boys news, thank you for your hard working…

    Always Keep The Faith!

  189. wow sinta onnie is indonesian? same wiff me xD
    i’m visiting SYC everyday but today is my 1st time read the admin’s biography..

    over all, SYC is my fave web. lol
    keep work hard onnies, always keep the faith!

  190. It’s really nice to read up on the admins.

    You guys are doing such a great job ^_^
    Plus i thought eeryone was much older.
    But Legra we’re the same age! And we’re not so far apart either i’m from Malaysia..hehehe

    Keep it up guys! Much luv to the admins ❤

  191. So Admin Legra is from Spore !!!

    Can you tell me where can I buy DBSK things in Spore? I’m a Singaporean who don’t live in Spore, but I’ll go back once a year.

  192. HELLO^^ …i just wanted to thank you all for your hard work,i have been a silent watcher for a couple of months now…and let me tell you it srysly makes life a lot easier noeing that wen u get back form skool instead of suffering you can instantly go And find some new awesome news about our beloved dbsk….arigato gusiamaso…kamsamninda..hehe…plz keep up al your hard work….cuz ur making lots of peaples lives WAY better……ok then….i dont have much to say….oh b4 i go…..i love the fact that im not the only perverted one…so keep up those perverted spazzes…cuz i literally live off of them hehe ba bye ^^\m/

  193. OMG! Shinta unnie & I shared the same birthday XDD Feb 15, she’s 3 years older than. I can’t believe it LoL

  194. http://sharingyoochun.net/2010/07/02/trans-100702-elle-japon-the-book-sales-becomes-1/

    Excuse me, in this post, what is EG?
    Is it a magazine ?

  195. can i join in ur site..? like u, i’m crazy yoochun’s fan….i’m from vietnam

  196. can i ask something?

  197. I’m a JaeChun fan from Vietnam, and we’re just make a forum for this cp here, well, since it’s new so can we make a link from sharingyoochun to our forum, you know…to find more members. Please help us and we’ll be really grateful for that. Thanks!

  198. Yes, just like that, can you add my yahoo nick please: smiley2807@yahoo.com

    We’ll talk more about this on Yahoo

  199. yes, add my yahoo so we can talk more about this please


  200. Nice to meet you.
    About a photograph, I want to contact it.
    Please inform it of e-mail address.

  201. Hi, I would just like to suggest posting this up on the site. http://www.dbsknights.net/2010/08/trans-instructions-to-join-daum-fan.html
    (but with DBSKnights’ approval though)

    Its the instructions to join TVXQ’s official fanclub. The fanclub numbers have been going down lately. So I’m sure many international fans would love to register since before they couldn’t because of the language barrier.

    This is just a suggestion ;D

  202. I just wanna give a big shout out to the SYC admins! ^___^

    I visit sharingyoochun everyday… from ninja stalking to state-of-the-art dbsk droolage you guys do it best!
    SYC is my religion!!! ^o^ Thank you unnies!!

  203. Hi!

    I started following your website a few months ago when I started getting more interested in TVXQ. I’m really impressed by how up-to-date your site is with TVXQ news! I have so much reading to catch up on if I don’t check this site even for 1 day!

    I’m also surprised that one of your admin is from Singapore. Just returned to the little red dot after 2 years in Japan. Can’t believe SG is getting more and more exciting… I’m totally excited about the upcoming KPOP events but am sad because all my KPOP ‘khakis’ (fellow fans) are all back in Japan. =(

  204. wow! i just came to learn about this wonderful site from a friend. well, i’m a rather old fan of DBSK since yr 2005 *cough* the admins are really very young yet you girls are just great! *thumbs up* and wow, i’m really surprised too that there’s a singaporean admin! (bcos i’m from singapore too *giggle*) keep up the hard work. i believe that i’ll be coming here more often XD P/S: JYJ event in Singapore is just around the corner!

  205. What about piaos biography?

  206. tis biography pg is totally cool! Thanks SYC admin~ i love how ur site always keep me updated on de latest dbsk news! its my daily dose of dbsk ><

    if there's a chance, i hope we can go dbsk events tgt! esp when i realize legra is sporean! and coincidentally same bday wif me as well! oh SYC admins, i wanna befriend and meet u all!

    lastly, thanks so much 4 ur hard work in updating de site <3!

    • ahhhhhhh welcome to SYC baby and nice to be friends with you too ^^

  207. Hi everybody
    I’m Hoai Huong.
    I was very sad but now
    I’m so happy because DB comeback . I’m happy, happy so much……


    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      We welcome you ^____^

    • I recommend you email the name and info of this to the SYC admins so they can post this up. I am such a proud fan!

      • can you give me their e-mail so that i can send to them^^?thank you^.^

  209. […] About The Admins […]

  210. Your site is so great. Updating is so fast. I’m so happy to spot JYJ’s recent New York. Would you allow me to post your precious materials on Korean famous JYJ gallery? JYJ Starzone at Daum Telzone.. Please^^

  211. HI~
    I am Mindy ~ come from malaysia ..:)
    Vry thank you all every mins updates the dbsk news to me..love YOU ALL SO MUCH..
    as a cassiopeia you all are so success and i belive you all will full support them…

  212. heellooo admins and fans, just an idea …
    how about if we do something that can get all the cassies that goes on this blog spazz together and get to know one another ..like an intro page or something or twitter list ,so we can follow each other or etc… just a word to say that I’m very proud to be a cassie !!! and we should make it ever bigger, ever stronger.

    Hope to see you all around in this blog. It’s such a good uptodate blog ! love it admins !! great workkkkk.

    • u’r right!
      please unnie’s
      *puppy eyes*

  213. ummm~ this schedule is based on which location?? :/
    shinta unnie lived in jakarta right^^
    I live in Bali 😀
    I’m not balinese though~
    I’ve been 2 jkt countless times…
    and meeting cassiopeia there^^
    soo funn 😀
    and btw, balinese cassiopeia will have yearly gathering
    I was wondering, myb sometime u can visit us in bali 😀

    with love,

    one of the balinese cassiopeia

  214. http://koreanupdates.com/votekua2010/.
    please vote for them.

  215. dear all great admins

    hi shinta!!! im intan from bandung, yes right from indonesia too..
    i’ve been wandering here in SYC for almost 2 years??

    but i just can say hello to now..sorry^^
    i was once give comment hello to you in past i dont remember when exactly

    but as im really into DBSK n fing out theres a great admin from indonesia i just can help my self get to know you..

    ehmm can i know ur FB or email??
    *reply me…^^

  216. oh yeaah. big shout to chompoo from bkk and siqi from usa!!! represent!

  217. I simply read through the entire write-up of yours also it was very excellent. This is often a excellent post thanks for discussing this particular educational info. I???ê?èll pay a visit to your site regularly for some newest publish.

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  219. I thought you are my unni’s:)
    but I’m older (I’m 25)
    I love the SYC fansite and the admins who do their job very very good …
    keep it up
    just want to say …. THANK YOU~~~~!!!
    SYC admins hwaiting

  220. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I imply, I know it was my option to read, however I truly thought youd have one thing attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you happen to werent too busy on the lookout for attention.

  221. wow~!!! unniee:)
    i guess all the fan r older than me!:)
    i’m only 14:PPP

  222. I know a women who has lost her belly fat.

  223. I was more than happy to search out this web-site.I wished to thanks on your time for this glorious read!! I definitely enjoying every little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

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  225. Every-time I see sites as delightful as this because I should stop surfing and start working on mine 😉

  226. Hello everybody…I’m a new member^^
    Same with you, I ❤ Micky Yoochun… I'm Vietnamese
    Be my friends, ok?

  227. احبكم هيرو مكي كسيا

  228. SYC should have a facebook account and add the updates here in fb…hheheh just a suggestion!

  229. Happy to meet those already happied am glad for all and i wise to say we wiil be together and also bring the world together as one thank you verry much Vanny.

  230. Dear SYC admins,
    Thank you for establishing and continuing this site for us who crave for TVXQ/JYJ updates. Despite the turmoil in this fandom, you guys continue to be a shining light of positivity. Thank you, and more power.

  231. Dear SYC admins,,
    Thank you for establishing and continuing this site for us who crave for TVXQ/JYJ updates. Despite the turmoil in this fandom, you guys continue to be a shining light of positivity. Thank you, and more power.

  232. i think this from indonesia,,but all admin from other countries,,so great,,would u cooperation with my grup??

  233. dear all wonderful admins
    love your site so much i check your site ever single day hehehe 😛
    thankyou for all the hard work you did all this long,,
    so happy you bring us every news about our beloved boys 😀

    oh,and i say big hi especially for Shinta unnie,,surprised to know you are from indonesia kak 😀

    wish you all be healthy forever and blessed you with good internet connection hehe 😛
    love you and love your site even more 😀

  234. chimpoo unnie, do you have your own personal twitter? i would like to follow you 😀

  235. Admin… Please keep your hard work… We support you…


  236. haha…the story just so sweet~

  237. Wow Indonesian admin here!! Cool!!! I’m also indonesian.
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    Surprise of how up to date this website is..
    Will keep supporting this site !!
    AKTF and SYC admin thanks for this great website hwaiting!!! xD

  238. It’s been a year since I joined sharingyoochun but it’s only now that I came here to thank admins for evth (sorry only today found this “about admins” part, terrible me(() Girls you are great, my day starts with your site, like every day I’m here to find smth new and interesting, I’ve been to other sites but stopped on this one as it never escolates fanwars, supports all the 5 and crates a very friendly atmosphere. I know it’s a hard work and I appreciate it very much. Girls (admins) you think you are the oldest here? No more, I’m much older than you)))

  239. OMG, how come I lived in Singapore 4 4yrs n havent found out that Legra is Singaporean T.T
    In my school, i couldn’t find a Cassie except 2 male friends Y.Y If I come back to Singapore, I really really want to contact you Legra and I want to meet Cassie In Singapore!!

    And I want to thank you SYC, all of you are so great, doing great job and spreading TVXQ’s love. Love love love ur site so much ^^~

    • Hey! Yup I am a Singaporean ^____^ woah why hard to find cassies I have tones of Cassie friends in SG Thanks for loving SYC and hope to see you around

      legra’s iPhone. secret are meant to be kept not told.

  240. Have been visiting this site regularly, many thanks girls for your love and support for YC .

  241. […] About The Admins […]

  242. Admins,can you give me your yahoo? I’m from Vietnam

  243. Hello admins, can u help to share this link of vote?

    just click like to vote..
    TVXQ! is #4 after Super Junior, CN BLUE n SNSD
    Come on Vote n Share to Cassies from all part of the world ><


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    2PM 3822
    Bigbang 2810
    2NE1 2696
    CN BLUE 4391
    B2ST 2623
    BOYFRIEND 1684
    INFINITE 1346
    MBLAQ 1612
    MISS A 2151
    SHINEE 3901
    SNSD 4359
    SS501 3551
    TVXQ! 4227
    FT ISLAND 2240

  244. wow, there’s indonesia admin?^^ cool, all of you are older than me, so i can call you eonnie:)

  245. WOW admin from 3 continents America, Asia and Europe….
    hahaha… so you always got update info about them
    something cute and funny here…. all admin have same face… are you twins?
    Yoochun and JJ … i HOPE you put your actual pics…^o^

  246. HI admin, love your blog, love yoochun too hihi

    Hi Shinta, i’m from Indonesia too… fighting minna, fighting JYJ

  247. Point the Way…

    If you will just educate me in the right route, it could be helpful, thanks a bunch….

  248. Dear admin,
    please clear up rumor about yoochun hit fan.i feel sad and disappointed.at least explain it was not him..TT_TT

  249. happy valentine day

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  251. hello admin n authors
    actually, I have been reading this site 4 a long time, 🙂
    this is my first time try 2 keep in touch with u guys,.
    sorry B’coz I rarely giving my comments here,. untill chunnie father passed away last month,. I started to give my comment here, 🙂
    u guys do a good job, from now. I will support u .
    Hugs 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  257. ahhh~
    raesing thia really refrashing. it’s nice to get closer to all of sharing Yoochun’s admins. you guys are hard worker, thanks to sharing all news, pics, etc with us. btw the pics really suit all of your character.
    keep sharing and support our boys DBSK^^

    love you girls..

  258. I would like say a big BRAVO to the admins of the site, I’ve always been following you, news are always coming in time with really great pics and translations. Thanks a lot !

  259. I m going to seoul ard 19 to 24 dec, by any chance, do u know where is filmsite, missing you?

  260. Hi,girls. I really enjoy reading the postings, and sharing the love for Yuchun. Thank you for taking the time maintaining this blogs. I hope to hear more from you all about him. Well, of course if he arrive to USA, you will hear from me…..ha… ha…

  261. I’d like to greet all sharingyoochun admins *waving hands* haiiiii my names dewi, right now I stay in jakarta

    I have been read and follow SYC years already, but I just read your intro today??
    I’m really sorry admin unnie and dongsaeng

    I’m 89 lines btw
    I once chat with chompoo unnie, saying how I envy her bcs she standing so close with the stage and can see oppa from short distance

    Anyway maybe she doesn’t remember this chatting thingy with meh

    Shinta background story a lil bit same with me.. Hello unnie *wave*
    I’m start live separately from my parents, since I finish junior high school too..
    And I’m study accounting too,, but, I’m not in accounting dept. I’m independent auditor staff ^^

  262. 1 question to kakak legra

    im from malaysia but my great2 grandmother live in indon

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