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  1. hey Chompoo unni.. i was wondering if you can add the middle east.. because some of my friends and I are from there..

    thnx in advance..^^

    • Thank you for letting them know ^^
      i’ve just chosen the middle east.. i would feel bad if it wasn’t there !

      thanx.. and it’s really great to know that there are around 13000 international fan so far 🙂

      • but we know that international cassie is so much larger, don’t we? =)

        always keep the faith!

  2. Shinta:

    hello dear..

    I have added Middle East on the options due to ur request.. but dunno why it doesnt appear for me, but if I click view results, then it will

    does it appear for you?? coz I’m confused here ^^;;;;

  3. Shinta:

    and what?!! the pie majority is now from USA!!!


    I have to say sorry for all the grammar mistakes we have in this site then ^^;;;;

  4. I’m from Canada… and it’s not an option on the poll, so sorry!

  5. haha shinta suddenly apologize for grammar hehe. u r so cute.

    u guys are huge now hehe

  6. thnx shinta unni.. i voted..^^

  7. Chompoo:

    What….from Canada and USA??? wow Shinta we’re really heping DBSK to be well-known all over the world!

  8. Shinta:

    Canada is on now ^^

    heheh thank you, Saliza unni for calling me cute, lol

  9. well … i`m from mexico

    i can`t vote … TT

  10. Shinta:

    owwhh.. sorry…

    I have added North America to be categorized together with USA, is it appropriate??

    coz my geography is a joke, really, hehehhehe

    hope u can vote now ^^

  11. Malaysian =D hehe!

  12. malaysian 2!! ^^

  13. Shinta:

    Haha, yea yea we have Malaysian readers the most here! *waves waves*

    But, seriously, Chompoo unni.. Why do we have so… lack of Thai Cassies?? LOL. You should promote our site in ur own country first!

  14. WELCOME…Legra…^____^

    So….Yuchun sharer..add 1 updater.


    3 CASSIE ANGELS…here.

    Faiting gurls…Faiting Cassie onnie…

  15. Shinta:

    Legra?? you’re from Singapore???!!!


    I always think that u’re from Malay!!!!

  16. legra:

    haha, yah… i’m from Singapore…
    WAH, so for like this one whole year you thought i was from Malaysia?!!

    to cha:
    hehe, you’re welcome… hi there ^_^

    • lol…admins r fighting…how cute…hohohohoho…^_^
      btw legra is that ur real name??n r u malay or chinese eh??hohohoho…

  17. Oh, small error: Canada and USA are a part of North America. Mexico is too, but it doesn’t seem like you have many mexican readers.

  18. @ Legra:




    ahh yea I know that USA and Canada is part of North America. Formerly we put USA only, but then someone asked us to add Mexico in, that’s why we added up North America beside USA. And since Canada is big, that’s why we decided to separate it from USA & North America ^^

  19. umm…hehe hey chompoo….wat is this voting pole for?…and omg is this an official site…its amazing!!…and do i have to sign up or anything?…hehe im new to this stuff….-lots of love..steph!

  20. Shinta:

    the voting is only for our own knowledge about the variety of our visitors’ origin countries, nothing more ^^

    and this is not an official site, lol, does it look like one?? so u don’t need to sign up or anything. Feel free to take anything from this site, but dun forget to credit and leave us some comments, ok? ^^

  21. Hi everyone ^^
    i’m from Vietnamese ^^
    vietnamese ^^ vote …vote

  22. Chompoo:

    Hi chjnbj…welcome to our sharingyoochun ^^

  23. Shinta:

    WOAHHH!!! Malaysian keeps running to the first!!

    and LOL, Indonesian suddenly increases a lot, beats Singaporean XDD

    meanwhile.. seriously, Chompoo unni… promote our site in your OWN country ^^;;;


    Finally we have China reader (only 1, hahaha) and Korean, increases a lot as well! ^^

    I really should separated Japan from South East Asia.. >.<;;;

    sorry BigEast…

  24. Chompoo:

    If you google sharingyoochun@wordpress on google, u’ll see many Thai ppl did give us credit :-p I didn’t expect any Thai to view our page since it’s in English! but do glad some ppl did view it lol

    but ^^” i’m from north Africa exactly from Algeria it’s an Arabic country ^^
    please add africa i can’t vote theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere T_T and i want toooo

  26. Shinta:

    okay ^^

    your wish is my command, lol

  27. Thanks ^^

  28. legra:
    hi there lanaW ^_^

  29. Heyy I’m from ~Middle East~
    love this blog♥

  30. Shinta:

    hello Kate ^^

  31. hello Chompoo,Shinta & Legra ^^

    long time didn’t come to this site.
    hey Legra,u joined them ne?
    juz knew about that..hehe..

    wow u guys roxxxx!!!!
    DBSK is all over the world now..
    good job babe..

  32. hello all

    i am one of the faithful reader here
    lemmi introduce myself
    i’m shinta and from indonesia too
    i have the same name and country with one of the admins here..

    let’s spread Dong Bang love together

    DBSK hwaiting!!

  33. Chompoo@Aaja

    yeah long time no see u around (both multiply and wordpress) Yeah we’re trying our best to update u about DBSK , though this is a little site but we give it 100% okie^^


    Hi another Shinta from Indonesia! Wow your name is exactly the same as one of our press admins lol you’ve been being a faithful reader??? Awwwwwwwwwww thanks sooo much Shinta!

  34. @Chompoo

    yeah it’s been a while since the last time i drop @ ur site..
    both multiply & here..
    maybe u will see me quite often here coz my multiply going crazy these days..

    thx for all ur hard work..
    really appreciate it..
    eventho it juz a small site but it’s really mean something BIG for me 🙂

    let’s spread dongbang love everywhere^^

  35. legra@Aaja Luna:
    hehe… yah… i’ve joined them… long time never hear from you… how are you lately?

    wah… cool… same name! it’s a small world after all.. welcome to the site alright ^^

  36. Shinta:

    hi ya another me! lol *waves*

    yahhh my name is quite common in Indo.. but usually it’s “Sinta” not “Shinta” with “h” ^___^

  37. i love the tvxq boys very much. and i hope to see them again 4 the second time around. congratz 4 winning the mfmk awards. ur the best boys, keep it up the sexy moves and good songs. thanks 4 sharing this.

  38. If SY is in a rum of d top floor of a building, I’ll come with bringing Foods n screamin/shoutin/calling ‘ONNIE..KEEP UPDATIN D MEN,FAITING2,’ then supportin n cheerin 3 Cassie angels Onnie here…

    What does it mean actuali?hayayayay..conditional sentence

    Ive decided to mke SY site as my PRimary TVXQ link. Besides CHOM,SHIN,N LEG ONNIE MULTIPLY. But, I WONT FORGET CHOM ONNIE MP. For me, its d VERY VERY BEST N D 1ST COMPLETE TVXQ pics ìve ever visitd. Coz I luv collecting Dong2 pics.

    Actually, Im easy to be confused. N before SY, i have visitd lots Dong2 blog. But I FALL IN LUV WITH THIS LINK. So much in Luv with d stuffs, d Onnies also.

    Saranghae onnie
    Saranghae oppa
    Saranghae Cassie n Bigeast!

    Sorry for dis unusual long comment. I type it usin my phone now. U know how d feel is,usin 1thumb to type..hoho.

    I do it sincerely from d deepest of my heart.

    Im goin to promote dis link to all Cassie in Palangkaraya (My Pretty Cute Beautiful Hometown). I know sme Cassies here. Almost of them r Students of Senior n Junior High School. Hoah what a young Cassie they are.

  39. One more..left.

    I wonder why d pop up here is FASHION FOLLOWS YOOCHUN. Can U explain it onnie?? Maybe U should add bout it in d Intro here..or may be not. I just suggest.LOL. Its up to dearest onnie.

  40. I dunno why smetime I feel sharin ncun is just lyk my home. I feel free here..

    But Im so afraid if the title of d post here is consit of ords With a girl, date, kiss. Hahh.. My mode wil be bad mode on.

    So far I let it flow away.

    I just want my dreams with d Men come TRUE. Pray for me Ya onnieyah.

    Thats my speech in this Great Hall of Sharingyoochun Convention Centre. LOL LOL LOL.

    Chongmal Kamsahamnida.


    What a mess up speech..k k k k

  41. Chompoo@Cha

    Fasion follows Yoochun? if u notice he’s the only one who changes his style every now and then and thanks soooooooooooo much for loving our little site and especially my MP lol

    love u too dear

  42. @ My Pretty Cute Dearest Cassie Chompoo Onnie…

    Im stil noticing it…..
    Comparin to BabY Max..ehhm bit same, but..ahh..


    So, would U mke Spazz or anthin bout it that shows how fashion so follows My Daddy to d rest member.

    I want d evidences.hohohoy..

    Would u pls onnie…?? If ure not too busy..hehe. I ges onnie is always busy.

    Then, Mke his Fashion Methamorphosis or YC methamorphoself..special for SY CONVERGENCE CENTER..

    Baby Cha (YooSu Baby) Whoelse..? ChomChunnie Baby?? Is it? LOL


    i dont know how to contact u guys
    but in the news here in japan
    they also reported about the
    19 year old restriction of TVXQs MIROTIC album!
    it happened maybe 3 minutes earlier

  44. Shinta:

    I think I know this, I see the vid at dnbn yesterday, and only can understand the rough trans, but no one upload it at youtube yet that’s why I cant post.

    Do you know the name of TV programme that air this issue?? thank you! ^^

  45. Wah the Eid Mubarak banner so cute. is it Yoochun chasing the sheep. haha. u did that Legra. cool. full of cuteness.

  46. Shinta:


    you really did make an Eid banner?!!! XDDDD


  47. legra@saliza unnie:

    yah, it’s suppose to be that way but it doesn’t look like it right… haha… but still, i love the lambs… haha


    haha… yah i did, somehow… i was at the chalet just now and i felt like doing something, taadaaa… now christmas.. lol

    • omg….u made an Eid banner?? how come i missed it?? i know this is already old… but, could u kindly post the pic??? really wanna see it….

      *please, please, please, please, please, please~~~~

  48. Cutie..cute Ied Mubarak Pic..

    Happy Idul Adha to all Stalker here. N also for d Director of SY Center whom celebrate today Ied.

    @ Shin oni
    I regret didnt have fasting yesterday.hiks hiks hiks. Drmh g da yg ngingetin. Mlh g da yg puasax drmh.

    @ All Yuchuners
    Jz visit
    Mr. Park new blog. Leave comment if U want.
    Dunt ask whether its real or not. He wont xplain it. N as Yuchun Lover I ges U gurls should believe him.

    Jz share my opinion here. Its fine u cant accept.

  49. Oh..ya..

    I Luv d Headshot Oni set now.

    That smile really warms people.

    Also, funny MinnieMax pose there.
    I Imagine Chom/Shin/Leg oni smile,n I pose lyk a pretty cute hunger wanna eats lots food in dis month.
    Nan breakin my weight again. Chalja haji o hango. Wo uwo uwo..

    Ied mubarak, n then Xmas. After my Fren Cassie visitd my house today, then Im going to visit lots frens who celebrate Xmas.
    Vice versa..

    Btw, who did set new headshot here?
    Chom Oni? Am I correct?
    U felt cold also.but I know Bang Nchun will warm u up.

  50. Shinta:

    Happy Idul Adha to you too ^^

    and I’m the one who did the new headshot XP

  51. wahhaha..the eid banner one..yoochun in baju melayu(?)..weheheh..thats super cute!!i like that..and hes chasing the lambs.omo2..cute2..thanks legra for makin a cute banner..and i definitely love this site..spread the love~~dbsk fighting!!

  52. u know …

    what do you think if someday Yoochun will be Moslem coz he must follow her ‘future wife’ religion (moslem)???

    Regarding that the people religion mostly Moslem, then one of member of Dong bang will married Moslem’s lady.

    Sometime I think bout it. kinda spazz thing…hohohhohoyahhhhhhhhh

    Think they (not only Yoochun) are wearing ‘KOKO’ dress (Indonesian Moslem men dress), wearing ‘PECI’, ‘SARONG’, or may be just lyk Legra also think; ‘Baju Melayu’

    I guess Yoochun will be still on his mode ‘FASHIONABLE’.

    so..just let time the time prooves it all.

    Wish! hahahahay.>_<

  53. Chompoo@Baby 차 차 차 ^o^

    I am Thai so I am Buddhist….and lol I wanna be his future wife too. In my wordpress Yoochun is our husband


  54. Baby 차 차 차 ^o^ @ Chom Onnie…ne…

    Daddy Nchun is always d HUBBY of 3 of U. Then u gave him baby; Baby 차 차 차 ^o^.LOL.

  55. to Shinta..

    I read your post in here..
    I forgot where it placed..

    but you said, “I’m in the ship to go Sumatra..”


    wait a sec..

    U already got you holiday???????

    cepet banget.. sekolahku aj msh tgl 22..

    btw, HAVE A NICE HOLIDAY… n_n

  56. Chompoo, I visited your site laew ….So cute yoochunnie and junsu! Luv them much! Thx. for sharing.

  57. Luv…d banner U set here onni..

    Yuchun with d bucket looks like Thai man..^^

  58. to chompoo unnie, shinta unnie n legra unnie!

    i want to properly greet you.
    anyong haseyo.

    sorry for not greeting you properly earlier.

  59. legra @ Baby차 차 차 ^o^:

    hehe, thank you… but a thai?!

    @the eYe:
    annyong to you too






    I’M SO WEAK..AFRAID OF Gayo Daejun n anything bout that.

    Give me time to see it…please



    i’m going to read you in 2009^___^
    i’m going to read your blog till i die xD lol
    best wishes!^^

  62. Happy new year 2009 to Sharingyoochun admin. maybe next year will be more happier and meaningful to the triplets of Yoochun wives hehe.

    p/s: keep searching for love everyone. other than yoochun i mean hehe

  63. legra@Baby 차 차 차 ^o^:

    have you seen it yet?! have you have you?!!!?
    it’s a killer!!!!!

    @Kate and saliza unnie:

    Happy new year to you too^^ and happy second birthday to Junsu… registered birthday i mean ^^

  64. happy new year!!!

    hope it’s not too late. ^^

    *school prevents me from reading this blog every day. it’s a disaster. T_T

  65. HELLO Chompoo! (:

    I just wanna say a BIG, “THANK YOU!~” for helping me take photos of WG’s page in A-Star magazine.
    As a token of apprieciation, i have linked sharing yoochun on (:


    because of your site,
    i get to keep myself updated with tvxq
    even though i dont live in korea ;(

    THANKS -hugs admins-

  67. wahh Jae Joong birthday banner. i like like classical feeling. just like bolero concept hehe. great work.

  68. legra@saliza unnie:

    haha… but i’m not that happy with the banner though

    you’re welcome dear

    @the eYe:
    i know what you mean by SCHOOL!
    it’s a nightmare for me right now

  69. i’m brazillian(south america\o/)

  70. isn’t anyone from Australia…could you please add Australia 🙂

  71. legra@carol:

    hi there from singapore to brazil


    sure sure.. no probs… hello to the down under

  72. hey. i’m so sorry. but do you happen to have any idea where i can order the mirotic concert goods? i’ve been looking for ages, but i can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  73. legra@jaesarang:

    you can try yesasia and starthots..

    starthots can really take a long time if you wanna order from there

    as for yesasia:

    tumbler –

  74. oh. thanks very very much<3^^

  75. Legra+Choompo~~~~

    Hii~~ I’m here~ hotaru.. already forget me? T^T
    I couldn’t visit my Multiply for a while so I visit this page ^^ hihihi


    Indonesia juga yaaa?? ^^

  76. eh? i thought there was a previous news which mentioned that heaven’s postman would be aired on 2009-22-03? WHY IS THERE NO NEWS YET~ i’m dying while waiting for it to come out T_T

  77. Shinta@hotaru:

    yep Indonesia juga 😀


    there’s an update about the broadcast date in the first page, go check it out ^^

    it will broadcast in May, apparently… dunno why the date is changed… u___u

  78. MAY?! MAY?! MAY?!
    OMG. that’s so freaking far awayyyy D:
    thanks anyway [:

  79. girls aka Yoochun wives,

    just wanna inform u guys I’ll be away for maybe a month. keep update ok. I’ll check it later when I’m fully recover.

    Oh forgot to tell I’m safely gave birth to my baby girl. same day as my birthday 28 Mac 2009.

    to chompoo, happy belated birthday to you. our date of birthday near to each other.

    ok guy, i will miss SYC and Jae Joong so much. see ya

  80. legra@tvxqslave:
    i know what you mean… two more months!!!!

    i remember you dear.. of course ^_^

    @saliza unnie:
    yeaaaaaaah…. a sister for the bro… congrats to you and you take care dear alright… it’s been like months since we meet OL… i see you soon alright ^_^

  81. hi i’m a fan from California USA
    i’m new to this blog..
    but i just love it alreadyXD

    you guys seems very nice!
    spread TVXQ love<3!yahh

  82. i’m following this blog for quite some time now, but today’s my first time commenting :3 just wanted to say hello to everyone!

    much love from europe/germany ❤

  83. First time leaving a comment!
    Wanted to leave one for a long time already.^^
    From Hong Kong.^^

  84. hi!
    can I ask something?
    do u know who win at asia vs asia?
    dbsk or suju?
    I can’t open that site
    thanks ^^

    • here’s a screenshot for you 🙂

  85. wahh, love the new individual pictures on the right sidebar ♥

  86. Im from philippines,..

    TVXQ have been here but not as
    popular as now,..

    Here in philippines we love someone
    who is really funny even that person
    is not really good looking,.

    So most of the filipino loves
    Xiah Junsu,..

    How i wish TXXQ will able to perform here
    filipinos are crazy about korean,..

  87. I have a suggestion?

    Why don’t you post or recruit
    a member esp korean and japanese
    fan so that if there is a new vid
    they can translate it into english,..

    I think if that will happen this
    site will be the most beautiful
    and updated site about DBSK in the
    whole world,..

    That would be nice SYC admin is
    from singapore,thai,indonesia,
    korean and japan,..

  88. ็hi ! P’Chompoo

  89. hiii!! i’m from spain europe >.<
    first time in this page but i really like it soo i will enter as much as i can (:
    really good jobb chompoo!!!!

  90. ANYYONG……………


    There are so lots improvement in SYC since I didn’t visit it.

    Waaaaaaaaa….I miss all about here..the admin and their hubby of course..

    GANBATTE NE! Gud Luck 4ever for SY Centre

  91. umm, sorry, i have a question!
    is the mirotic concert in bangkok hundred percent confirmed? cause there’s the flu thing and the riots now :/ i was supposed to fly there for mirotic concert but now my parent’s don’t allow cause of the stupid flu and riots! D:

    • Chompoo:

      The answer of today is YES, but not sure about TOMORROW. Wanna keep asking??? lol this is the best answer i can give u today dear and the answer is YES


  92. haha. thanks very much anyway! 😀

    oh! and love ya guys for always updating~ ^^

  93. Wew..
    I’m newbie..
    From Indonesia..
    Nice to know U.. 😉

  94. hello there~!
    not really new here~
    but i’m from UK~ but REALLY i’m from Nepal~ xD


    thank-you for all the hard work!

    • sorry for posting twice..TT^TT

  95. hi~
    not new here but…
    i’m writing from UK!

    but originally from Nepal~ ^^

    nice to meet you all!
    and thank-you for this great blog!

  96. wow it’s a long thread here!! aaaaahhhh eonnis (shinta, chompoo and legra) your site is kewl! i will be your daily commentator from now on! xD fighting! xD btw, i’ve voted since ages ago for philippines. and it’s just today that i noticed you missed another P in the spelling of philiPpines. xD hehehe but it’s okay! fighting to your site! *goes back to browsing*

  97. Here in philippines we love someone
    who is really funny even that person
    is not really good looking,.

    So most of the filipino loves
    Xiah Junsu,..

    Hahaha, you just said that susu is not good looking! Joking~

    ps; keep the hard work up! ^^

  98. Hi..Im a noona fan from Indonesia.
    SYC is a great blog and most updated one..
    Love your hardwork ..

    Keep up the good work gals..

    Btw, swingy who said Junsu not a good looking one…heheheee..
    I just show my friend a video of Tohoshinki and she said Junsu is the most good looking guy between all the member…hehehee..
    So, its relative.

    Its interesting that each country has their most popular member. I think most of the Latin fans also love Junsu..Correct me if Im wrong.

    Nice to know everybody here. GBU.

  99. Why there is no variant “Russia”?! I’m from Russia!

    • omg!!! ur the second person i know who’s from russia and loves dbsk!!! hahha ^^

  100. Hi there! Just want to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH” to SYC.. It’s really the best TVXQ site I’ve ever seen.. that’s why I’m always here everyday.. Hehe.. You guys are the BEST!!! =)
    SYC go! ^~,


  101. Hi there! Just want to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH” to SYC.. It’s really the best TVXQ site I’ve ever seen.. that’s why I’m always here everyday.. Hehe.. You guys are the BEST!!! =)
    SYC go! ^~,


  102. my gosh you people are awesome!! growing fast, huh? XD i see like 120 something visitors right now hahaa

    thank you once again!! i dunno what i would do without you guys!! i love dbsk and im loving them even more with the dedicated and simply amazing fans and supporters like you guys!! seems like all of my fangirling over min and chun is worth it!!! XD haha

    peace ya’ll!!! *heart heart*

  103. minnieMine, I know one hundred people from Russia who like DBSK)))))

    • omg!! for real!!!!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!!! XD spread the love for tvxq!~!!




  106. hoaaa ~~~

    Indonesian first now .

    annyeong .
    eka here .
    nice 2 meet u ^^

  107. Hi all. I’ve been reading ur site like since late last year…amazing how far the DBSK Love spread…tis is my first time scrolling here though..WOW..great job SYC, i can see the number keep growing. SYC is like my DBSK source nowadays. Great job SYC.

  108. California Sanjose… Nice to meet everybody

  109. Unnies,
    i LOVEEEEE this blog, it always makes my day!!
    you ladies do an amazing job with it
    but can i make a request,
    i would LOVEEEEE to get updates on my cellphone from Sharing Yoochun
    i know its probably a lot more work,
    but it would be amazing
    i promise to be your first follower!! ^^

  110. Annyeong!!!! 🙂
    OOHH I love this site!!! It’s the first site I check when I turn my computer on… and the last one before I go to bed!! 3 million readers is just the beginning for SYC, you’ll see :)!!! Keep up the good work unnies!!
    Big Belgium Hugs!!! 🙂

  111. love all sites that promote asian musicians. they are some of the best in the world.

  112. It’s hard to choose the location from the list)))Anyway, I’m from Russia))Nice to meet U)))
    SYC team U are awsome!!Thank U so much!Everyday with U!)))

  113. …wow…


    …from: ITALY awtah irrr!!!!…


    ….how i wish they will have concert here in italy…

    …for sure i gonna go to their concert…


  114. LOL i just visited ur map and u got ppl stalking ur blog from KAZAKHSTAN and TUNISIA !! LOL XD

  115. hey 😀 can i have admin’s email add ?

    • email add?! for?!
      you can email us at sharingyoochun@gmail if you want ^_^

  116. I love this site,..

    Thank you for updating about

    Im from Phil,..

    Im sure i will enjoy here…
    I can sense it,..


  117. ok, thanks 🙂

  118. (ehh?? My comment is gone Oo )

    Hello ^ö^ Nice to meet you ^.^

    I’m from Germany ^.^ Is someone else here from Germany? 😀

    I’m truly happy and thankful for all your effort you put into SYC
    Thank you very much ^ö^ SYC fighting ^-^

    I love your comments and captions they are so funny ^-^

    Congratulation to 4 million hits ^.^

    …congratz to0o for 4,000,000 hits!!!!….

  120. …anyone from italy in irrr??…

  121. jaejoong’s wife here from philippines… *peace* hope dbsk will be known here in our country… and congrats for the 4 million plus hits.. and advance 1st year anniversary…

    • ..oh yeah…
      ….that should be so GREAT!!!!!!!!!….
      …how iwish to0..
      …and have concerts there…
      …evern i’m not i the philippines now..
      …i’ll go back there just to watch their concert…


    I wrote a long one to wish you an HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to THANK YOU for everything!!

    SYC rocks! and I hope you will get more and more popular, i don’t worry about that!!

    Hugs! Hugs!

  123. Ok I AM MUST RECOGNITATION this site is very cool.

    Why ? because you cool and coool. and pictures this site not boring .Im sure

  124. SharingYoochun!!^^

  125. i knew from the start.. that these 3 beautiful women (admins) are really beautiful inside and out.
    im really thankful to the 3 of you for creating this SYC.
    had regrets for not stalking this site since it started (coz im still busy with multiply..LOL)

    continue spreading DBSK love
    especially YOOCHUN’S LOVE!!! XD


  126. makan-makan pasti asyik saat ulang tahun

    • lol
      mana ade…
      boleh makan hari hari ape!


  127. it will be a very long post if i reply to you guys one by one…
    but here’s what i must say to all
    a big thank you for coming to our site and loving it… we’re really thankful for each one and every of you really

    hugs and kisses to all
    let’s all work together to spread dongbang love alright

    • we have to thank you 🙂

  128. Russia)))
    And I do not know what location to choose))))))

  129. Salam Cinta Damai & Kasih Sayang…

  130. Greetings from Santiago de Chile:-)


  131. happy 1 year anniversary !

  132. Your blog its very cool !

    Congratulations !

  133. hi!!! i’m from France here too we love the boys!!!
    i’m so grateful to you guys, because of you i know where to buy their cd, aww you made me addicted to them… u

    • …oh from europe outtah here…
      ..that’s great…
      …dou also wish they are famous here in europe???..
      …i really want it..
      …that they are famous here..
      …but sadness..
      …they are not yet…
      …cant w8 for that time to happen…

  134. I love this blog ~ keep it up ^^
    I’m from Afghanistan.. didn’t knew what to click on
    yaay to tokoshinki ♥

  135. love all sites that promote asian musicians. they are some of the best in the world


    A blog for the world

  137. welocome to You have a lot of fans and friends here

  138. Keep blog ya and keep update.

    From Indonesia,
    Rusli Zainal

  139. I really love your site, I check it daily~
    Thanks for Sharing all the informations and Pics!

    Actually I am Greek, but I live in Germany… But it doesn´t matter from where we all come from… Because we all have something in common, we love DBSK ❤
    I think it is wonderful isn´t it?

  140. Just had to tell im all the way from Finland!

  141. สวัสดีค่ะ //^^//

    I’m one of TVXQ Thai fans!
    Do you prefer reading Thai or English?
    ‘coz I’ve heard that one of the admins here is Thai! ^^

    Nice to meet you all. 😀
    Also reading those TVXQ passages; how they’re going now etc. makes me happy! ^v^

    Thanks for all!! *v*

    Lastly, I’ll continue checking your web!
    Please keep fighting!!

    And remember, “ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!”
    Cheer up fo you ‘n TVXQ!


    • hi there
      and english for sure since everyone can read it too right ^^


  142. *double post lol im not sure if the admins saw this post T_T I LOVE SYC*


    i was out yesterday.. n i come here BOOM!! lol

    SYC admins i know you must feel very pressured!! i cant really express how GRATEFUL I AM for all your HARD WORK AND DEVOTION!!!! sacrificing your own time for sharing your love in reality is giving!!! your blog saves my day and you never fail to make me smile!! (or make me horny, chompoo!!! sigh* the grand pianoooooo… cant get over it damnit LOL xP) THANK YOU SOOO SOOO SOO MUCH!!
    like i said before SYC = LOVE

    BTW isnt it amazing how the boys could bring all the fans together!!! UNITY is really a POWER!!! hehehhe

    pls keep going!! SYC is just a baby! lol 1-YEAR OLD NAUGTY!! but very kind and hardworking!!

    (oh n send my love to my hubby and lover xP)

  143. i love your site~ just wanted to say i’m from New Zealand and didn’t want to vote as Australia XD
    keep up the great site!!~

  144. Im from the European Union 🙂

  145. Oh!
    I love this blog!
    YooChun is so perfect!
    I love this post… I can see that you do this for love and not for fame *-*
    I love your layout…
    Okay… I love everything in this blog *u*
    Thanks for sharing xD

  146. WOO! USA~! ❤ We need more Minnesota fans. No one here in the upper mid-west :/

  147. SYC admin…
    I want to ask..
    How we know who hotlink our picture??
    thx..and sorry for my english…

    • legra

      unless someone chance upon the picture, you won;t know who… usually, we have the readers or friends informing us about it… ^_^

  148. Its a wonderfull blog ^^ i’m from Spain and i’ve vote for Europe xDD!

    nice to meet you all! ^^

  149. Thanks for always making my day, SYC!
    And belate congratulations on 9 mil hits!
    At this rate, this site will reach 10 mil by the end of the year! ^^

    – from Canada

  150. wonderfull pictures, hello from the UK, i love this website. add it to your faves! x x x

  151. I’m from Thailand ^^

  152. Hi Ladies

    Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your hard work…you are doing an AWESOME job with this site…I come by everyday just for my hit LOL…keep in up and keep spreading the love <3333

    p.s. I'm from England ^_^v

    • u r welcome (and one of our admins is from UK) XD


  153. hi all…i felt so bad for being a full-time stalker and part-time commentator on the posts here but nvr got to introduce myself properly…

    so just wanna say,,,all of u are doing the best!!!really!!!

    btw, i’m ekin from Malaysia…

  154. Hi girls… i’m new here…and this is my first visit at SharingYoochun…you’re all amazing!!!
    so i’ll try to leave my post as much as i can…

    thank you so much…

  155. Congrats SYC you’ve got your own domain now!!! Weeeeeeeee~~~ More power!!! ^^

  156. from Russia 😉
    1 year readin’ you, 1st time commentin’ xD
    love u guys

    ps. HBDay Jun-chan~ ♥

    • please leave comment comment XDDDDDDDDD

      get to know us more by chatting with us via our comment box dear


  157. I just paid attention to the header with Junsu’s picture. I think there is a mistake on it. It is instead of

    • the thing is for all DBSK members b-day we will change the banner to celebrate their b-day

  158. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Yoroboon! lol!


  159. Happy New Year…love from M’sia.

  160. I’m from Russia!
    Thx for your blog and hardworking! Please keep on going!! 🙂
    Happy New Year!!

  161. hellow friends.. i’m from indonesian.

    16 y.o.

    hope we can be a good friend.. please add me on my facebook

  162. happy new year..
    how are you girls? Hav a good holiday?
    i ‘m at home and check tvxq news…

    I’ve tried to finds posts about the boys in Aus and wonder why they go? may be just their vaccation or for Junsu support or smt about…i really hav no idea?

    however, waiting for their reunite soon…
    i’ll be here to support the boys and stand beside SYC
    BIG LOVE….usaum

  163. Russia, huh)
    But I’ll go with Europe *giggles* It’s ok)))
    …doesn’t matter in fact=)
    we’re under the same sky, and we love the same things ^__^

    Thanks for all your work!

  164. Hello, Brazil here!!
    Yes, TVXQ is the reason why the wide world are together!!
    Always Keep The Faith!!

    Thank you for all!!

  165. Hi…
    I’m Malaysian…
    It nice to meet u all..
    we share the same love..
    that why we meet….

    TVXQ…Thank for making the bridge…

  166. hye…
    I’m Malaysian gurl…
    It just nice to meet all tvxq member…especially Micky Yoochun…he is the most cute tvxq member..luv u,dear..
    I hope tvxq can come to Malaysia again…

    Always Keep The Faith,dear dbsk…^_^…luv all of u…muuaaahhh…!!!!!!!!!

    • eza??

  167. Hi,

    Can I ask,how do you put the chatroll on your web blog?
    I sign up & get my code “” but I couldn’t put it on on my blog.
    If you answer on my blog,I thanked you so much.

    Thanks …

  168. hi there!!!!!!
    I’m from Mexico
    internet is awesome isnt it?
    thanks for sharing yoochun with the world
    hope this year everything goes awesome for our boys and your blog continues growing and spreading dong bang love!!!!

    • thanks a lot paw, hope to read more of your comments in our blog ^___^


  169. hi there nice to meet you all…. 🙂

  170. bee here…


    love u babe ^___^

  172. Happy birthday Chompoo.^_^

    Wish you have good health.

    Love U.

  173. Happy birthday to youuuuu….
    You were born in the zoooooo……
    With a lion and a giraffe, and a monkey like youuu…..

    *got kicked by chompoo*
    *grins… in pain*

    (and of course you’re not born in the zoo! And moreover, you’re not a monkey! *grins*)
    May your birthday and the days ahead are always filled with happiness…

  174. SYC thank you so much for being with us. let’s get through this crises together.. international cassies are strong .. our love is strong ^^


  175. amidst all these.. i hope syc will still continue.

    may god bless us all.. happy easter. time will unfold, and will be together with the boys… ^_^

  176. Jesus ressurected!

  177. This is a very good article and very informative, i will bookmark this as my great article. Thank you for sharing..

  178. Hello, I’m Valentina from Italy! ^-^/

    I’m following this blog since a year or more I think but I have never commented any news before…
    Thanks for sharing so many news, downloads ecc. with the world!

    You guys rock! ❤

    AKTF! ♥

  179. yyoo! im from phil.

    thank you very much for the updates…!!
    from now on im gonna stalk this site everyday !!
    thankx for hard work guys !!^^
    you guys really rock!

  180. Hello syc! Do u knw anyone who is Twitting Kim bros whereabouts in Singapore now? If yes, is it alright to post the add? I really wan to stalk them nut have no idea where to start. Thanku so much!!

  181. Hi there.
    Zuno’s Showcase in Singapore, I have quite a few photos and fancams that i would like to share.

    photos at:

    Thanks for all the updates~~~!!

    • hi there, legra here
      thanks for sharing ^^

  182. Hey there, thank for all e hard work put in to sustain this website. It’s my source of updates for TVXQ 🙂

    Has SYC considered opening a page at Facebook? I believe it would be very successful n liked ^^ since FB is an international trend. allkpop and soompi have pages at FB already; they simultaneously post news links at the FB sites, fans click on e link n redirected to their sites ^^

    pls consider it for SYC too, I’ll be the first to join hehx.

    Lots of love, thanks once again! ❤

    I’m Mongolian, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the first Mongolian visited sharinyoochun.
    T T

    • im part mongolian ^_^

      • Wow, nice to hear that.
        And I’m currently in Korea, BUT I’m leaving Korea in 20th of July. I really REALLY want to see Yunnie before I go back to my country, can anyone help me?
        SYC unnies, help me. *puppy eyes*

        I think it may be my first and last chance to see them.

  184. hiiiiiiii ^^ i’m a new ^^ i’m a fan of dbsk from baghdad iraq…….i’m realy loved ur blog^^ no one can bring news with that’s fast like u ^^
    thanx for ur hard working ^^ i hope i’m welcome here ^^”

  185. Hi all, good to meet u here! I love DBSK and I proud of u cassiopeia!

  186. Welcome to Mahalo

  187. Hello
    First thanks you ,
    I’m pretty new to DBSK fandom ,
    As i only know them for about 4 months
    ( don’t hit me please i promise a already know most of the lyrics by heart)

    Is it still possible to sign in cassiopea , or big East ?
    Is it possible for foreigners to sign in ?

    And finaly i’m going to ask for more work
    But could we have more poll ?

    Big up to m’y FreshNewFavoriteTaïMissKorea !
    Thanks for your warm welcome

    • welcome to DBSK fanpage.

      This is how to join Bigeast Oppa

      For joining Cassiopeia, for some unknown reason the link is down I don’t know why -_-

      Miss Corée

      • I can’t sign in T_T
        they closed inscription on 30 june or something .

        thank you Miss
        i did vote for you at the Miss Universe election .

  188. can u guys put my tvxq editted pics here?

  189. can u put da pics here??use Far-Ra Aina as credit^^ i wanna share diz pics^^

  190. Hi,
    I just want to say that
    I fell in love with

    thanks you so much for everything ❤

    DBSK, AKTF ..

  191. Cassies, vote for TVXQ! They already losing the no.1 spot, and they already no.2 so come on guys! Just click the purple one button every 10secs! Please~ Make TVXQ get the no.1 spot again! TIA! Hwaiting~

  192. No TURKISH fans in the country.please add.DBSK Hwaiting~<3 ❤

  193. special offer 4 malaysian!!

  194. this is an old post, but why is canada under ‘other’? i’m pretty sure canada is part of north america..just curious.

  195. You’re rock guys! thank you.

  196. thank you so much for all your work dear syc
    without you, i would not know what is going on with dbsk/jyj/homin
    you are the best!

  197. I’m from New York, USA! 🙂

  198. Sorry for not voting but you dont have my country

  199. There should be more people voting on that poll~ Suprised to not see more Europeans than this. D:

  200. I am from Kuwait :p

  201. Great web-site with many posts. Glad I found it. But unfortunately cannot vote for country as you don’t have it here. Could you please add Central Asia and Kazakhstan (that’s how region is called officially), there are not many of us but hope the number of fans goes up. Thanx in advance

  202. Unnie.. You know what, I just can’t help but open this web’’ always, everytime I check my cellphone.. What can I say, syc admins surely rock!! Hwaitiing unnie 😀 I’m totally addicted to ur site unnie. <33

  203. hi guys just help us with voting here ^^
    hurry up !!!

  204. Dear SYC,

    Firstly, I would love to thank you for always updating us promptly on DBSK news, whether or not it’s JYJ/Homin. Although the site’s name is “Sharingyoochun” I really cannot detect any bias in your reports and updating. So, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and your efficiency in running the site, thank you 🙂

    Also, I would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful site for me to come to for any updates on DBSK news. I’ve been a relatively new fan, only joining the DBSK fandom in October 2010, and so I’ve seen a lot of internal fanwars within Cassiopeia, and it makes me sad. However, this fansite has always been so filled with joy and love for all of the 5 boys (there’s really minimal fanwars here) and I really thank you all for giving me such a wonderful site to gather with other Cassies.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience what Cassiopeia was like before the entire internal fanwar, really. This letter was inspired because I just came from a Youtube site where the fanwar was driving me silly, so I would really love to extend my thanks.

    Really thank you, SYC. You deserve all the love you’re getting from DBSK fans, and more. 🙂


  205. ok a try again

  206. I love the new banner!
    Perfect for such hared times!

  207. I used to love this site..

  208. wo, i’m so happy seing many cassies ask for many categories for their country
    it shows that they want to give us accurate result for the polling

    spread TVXQ all around the world =D

  209. lol irl. irrelevant betraytrio are always going to be irrelevant. supporting them won’t redeem them of their betraying instincts and their their sinful souls. someone should teach those ungrateful bastrids a lesson.

  210. SYC is my hometown.^^ I love you all! Thanks for everything.

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    a sentence grammatical me everyday I’m up Then you duty-bound life everyday is coming if you don’t come i Will come to kill you
    comments] = نظرات don’t forget]

  212. Hi ,..Dear..
    very sincere thank you’ve created this site, I really appreciate about all you guy in band JYJ.., Park Yoochun ,JunSu , JaeJoong ….all they did,made a very respectable and admirable position..I’ve learned all they did, a lot of good, strength, undaunted previous difficulties,
    I always want to support JYJ. they will … forever

  213. Winter is well and truly upon us now, and that means wrapping up with lots of layers to keep warm while we’re out and about. But the most important layer of all is arguably the outer one, because you will want to stay looking your best no matter what the weather throws at you!

  214. hey 😀
    i m from Pakistan but theres no option for me to click on 😦
    but i m a big big fan of JYJ…was and still am a fan of DBSK…ah how much i love all of my boys ❤

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  217. Hi….I’m from Malaysia and i’m new in blogging world.
    My blog is not using English language but I’m using Malay language(Malaysia language).
    Hope that you guys can view my blog and if there is any mistake or incomplete way of blogging…i hope u guys can forgive me and i will try my best for become a good blogger.

  218. Thank you, “sharing yoochun”. Visiting you is my daily MUST DO. Before knowing you, i can’t start my day without a cup of coffee. Now, i need “sharing yoochun” and coffee to live! Great job, well done and pls keep it up.

    From Malaysia with lots of love.

  219. Thankkkk youuuuuuu guuysssss!!!!!!!!!! I love wat u guys doo!! We all appreciatte it!!:D

  220. More then pepole are sharing it’s own view to yoochun. That is so intrusting. Some human life dependable to those. We are loving so much.

  221. Fashion ❤

  222. piaulia your blog!

  223. I used to come to check out tvxq news.. homin & jyj but now.. are you really yoochun bias O__O? I think u should change your blog to sharinghoomin so people won’t think that most news are chunnie’s ^^

  224. I’m from Norway, but my mom is from the Philippines 🙂

  225. today you put a new soulmate banner….
    love it

  226. new banner ! >.< I want yoosu too please xD

  227. My only source of DBSK/JYJ news.


  228. I’m really grateful for SYC. I saw some sites that is dedicated to one part and how some fans throw negative comment about another part.
    But SYC always provides the information about all 5 members and I really appreciate it.
    Thank you so much and LET’S continue supporting TVXQ5. AKTF!!!

  229. This is an awsome blog!!

    I Don’t know if you are interested in my blog but you can go to

  230. like a new discovery. but this may very well be some time yet…

  231. can you put carribean on here its not here, I live inCuba
    I love this site

  232. I am from Saudi Arabia and many love your blog and especially Saudi Arabia, like
    tvxq and jyj Why did not wear the Saudi Arabia
    I’m my favorite oppa jaejoong
    jaejoong and yoochun

    we have many codese

    More than 50,000 fans

    Thank you very much hope that our voices reach them

  233. it keeps me up to be fancy

  234. it keeps me up to be fancy

  235. I know you are a super busy blogger but I’m hoping you can make a little time for me!

    I am trying to start a new blog/project/initiative over a and if you could take a couple minutes to check it out, and maybe participate in this first week, then it could really help jumpstart this thing!

    I’ve been a loyal blog reader of yours for quite some time, and I’d love for you to share with my readers how YOU are being the change you want to see in the world.

    Thank you so much for you time reading this, and if you can’t participate, I completely understand!

    Blair Lieber

  236. Thank you guys 🙂
    ~We really are very happy the existence of this wonderful Blog~ <333
    saranghae u 4ever

    شكرا لكم يارفاق ..
    اننا حقا سعيدون جدا بوجود هذه المدونه الرائعه

  237. A slave for DB5SK from Vietnam. 😀
    thank you for all your hard work.
    Love you guys so muchhhhhhhh.

  238. Thanks for sharing such stylish info, put your comments on latest and stylish cell phones by top five manufacturer on my blog, Thanks again.

  239. Nice

  240. New banner is beautiful I am looking forward to new ficpic your ficpic are the best. Fighting admins please follow yoochun fashion more like usual cos I like his fashion



  243. dear admins,
    ive been missing our boy, parkyoochun, lately! there hasnt been a single on him for some time ): can we have a spazz post, prettyyyy please?^^

  244. Thank you, for posting all 5 on the banner. =) Makes a 5 man TVXQ fan smile.

  245. has fashion follow yoochun stop following yoochun no new of YC winning yet here. don’t abandon YC. are u having technical problem

    please vote for JYJ…they have to few votes…other artists there don`t have as much fans as our boys..please vote each day 🙂 thanks

  247. Hello! Dear admins of this wonderfull site, I have a request, could you add Russia to your poll about citizenship country? Russia isn’t East or West, Asia or Europe, it is Russia, the biggest country on the Earth, please. And happy New Lunar Year =)

  248. hi.. im from vietnam 🙂 happy New lunar year :X

  249. OMG! I really like the head of your website ^ ^

    “Kiss of the Death”

    Junsu in a new look is so tempting!

  250. Hi. I’m portuguese. Keep the faith on TVXQ-5. Until then I’ll keep on listening to JYJ and TVXQ-2.

  251. Has SYC considered opening a page at Facebook? I believe it would be very successful n liked ^^ since FB is an international trend. allkpop and soompi have pages at FB already; they simultaneously post news links at the FB sites, fans click on e link n redirected to their sites ^^

    pls consider it for SYC too, I’ll be the first to join hehx.

  252. hello !! I’m Jung Da-Hye from Korea.
    Your homepage is really amazing !!!!! *_*

    I saw the News that you are managing this homepage
    and I found this ^___^*

    I actually found “Sharing YooChun” homepage few days ago.
    So I sent the E-mail but you didn’t see that ㅠㅠ
    If you can’t find my e-mail then I will send you again !
    It will be thankful if you check the spam mail also !
    because my e-mail adress is korean, It can be sent to Spam Mail ^^

    Thank you !! and have a nice day ^-^ !!!

    • hi there Da hye..
      yup, maybe the email went to spam.. which we receive in the thousands.. can you try and send it again 🙂
      thank you..

      • thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I will send you again right now

        this is my friend’s mail ^-^
        thank you really !!!!

  253. middle east ^^~

  254. syc admin, could you please give back the back/previous button? i’m using chrome and i only can click ‘load more posts’ button once and it won’t show for the second time once i reach the bottom. it’s very troublesome and i can’t see the previous posts. thank you.

  255. Hello♪  I’m from Japan.

    I could find your site this year.
    And I am following this site since then.
    I am really apprecite your article and hard working.
    However I could not leave any comments because of my lack of courage.

    Thank you very much and I am looking forward to your articles in the futrue too♪

    Happy birthday Yuchun♪

  256. Wheres England??? sad to see every other country but england 😦

  257. Hi, from Australia. Just love the updates on jaejoong, junsu and yoochun.

    • Been following TVXQ since 2006. Love your updates and thank you for all the information and news

      • hi there…
        thanks dear ❤

  258. i come from k.S.A
    always get my angel news from her
    keep on the good work fighting ^^

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